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  • Chris is VERY talented. And not 2 mention GORGEOUSLY HOT!

    Chris Brown is like one of my favorite singers!!Hes very talented and I just luv him.Plus I have Both of his cds:)
    And he is just so fineee! My Youtube Bg is a picture of Chris Brown.And i was thinking of putting up posters of him up on my bedroom walls.Anywho.I really like lil mamas new video 'Shawty get loose' feat. Chris Brown and T-Pain.iTS aWeSoMe.It a remake video of Michael and Janet Jacksons vid SCREAM.And Chris looks really hot in the music video.Even tho he does make some weird faces.He's still smexi tho.
    Whoa!I STILL dont have a hundred words?!Ok now i do =)