Chris Cagle

Chris Cagle


11/10/1968, DeRidder, Lousianna

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Christopher Norris Cagle


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Christopher Norris Cagle was born November 10, 1968 in DeRidder, Louisiana. His father was an Exxon supervisor. Chris only lived in Louisiana for a short time. His family relocated to Houston Texas, when he was only four. Chris attended Robert E Lee High School and attended the University…more


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    • Chris: You do learn from the things that you suffer. I made sure I took it all in. but instead of trying to hide that and put some fluffy fun record together, I went with how I felt.

    • Chris (About doctors ordering him to rest his vocal chords in 2004): In my business,losing your vocal chords is a potentially career-ending condition, and I had to face the fact that there were things I was doing that were contributing to it. That's the sort of admission that can change you if you'll allow it.

    • Chris: When things got bad around the house, I'd put on my headphones and I was at least able to get away from it for a while. Music was my refuge.

    • Chris: Miss Me Baby is one I wrote out of vengeance, ... It was one of those situations where I thought I hope that whoever she dates next just can't get it right and she just think of me.

    • Chris: It is my belief that if you have children and you serve overseas, that if you should die, your children should get a free education.

    • Chris: I was in a really bad place. ... I wanted to find the joy of it again, ... You lose sight of the reason you got into it. ... you start making that dime and all of a sudden ... it gets weird. I started losing the joy of it all, and I wasn't happy anymore.

    • Chris: I don't really have any spare time anymore, but I love golf, I love horseback riding, cooking, I love to garden, I enjoy being alone. I never thought I'd ever say that. I always enjoyed being the life of the party, but these days I enjoy my time by myself with my cat named Banjo. He doesn't really say much, he just kind of hang out with me. I go get in my hammock, put a fire in my chimney, and swing.

    • Chris: I grew up in a family much like the Jerry Springer Show.

    • Chris: Here's what I know. Nothing's handed to you in this world. You gotta get up every morning and fight for your place at the table. You gotta believe in your dream because nobody else will. And you have to keep going, no matter what, because it's the only way you're gonna get there. And if you're smart, no matter how rough it gets, you need to enjoy whatever you find along the way. You're only gonna pass this way once, so while you're hitting it hard, have some fun too. If you're having fun, it's a whole lot easier to stay in the game.

  • I'd only heard a few songs before "Miss Me Baby", but now...

    I love him! Like absolutly. Well, I love the song. I don't really know all that much about him, but I DO know that Miss Me Baby is like my favorite song right now. That and Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right...But that's beside the point. I remember seeing Chris on the '20 hottest men in Country music, but I wasn't even really a fan back then...I guess you could say I just discovered his music.

    He has a great voice and a wonderful attitude... All and all a GREAT personality to have. Love him.moreless