Chris Casamassa

Chris Casamassa


1/17/1963, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania , USA

Birth Name

Chris Casamassa



Also Known As

Chris Kasamasa, Chris Casamasa, Chris Cassamassa
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Chris Casamassa is the son of Karate guru Louis D. Casamassa. He is a world class Red Dragon Karate expert with a 7th degree black belt and over 20 years of experience. Casamassa owns 25 Red Dragon Karate Schools and teaches regularly in Covina, California. He also holds…more


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    • His martial arts stats: 1993 AKKF Hall of Fame Top Competitor and Instuctor of the year. 1991-1992 Weapons Grand Champion at several locations. 1988-1993 Forms Grand Champion at many locations. He has been a champion in Canada, New York, California, Kentucky, Washington, North Carolina, Denver etc. Retired from competition in 1992

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  • I am questioning Cassamassa's business ethics, practices & lack of responsibility to screen "Sensai" instructors credentials to work w/children. Specifically at the "Via Verde" karate studio. Marc the instructor has a "borderline" abusive nature.moreless

    I believe that karate is a good discipline sport for children, however how much control do you give an instuctor like "Marc"?? As a parent if you would not drag your child across the floor or pick him up by his shirt why would you let someone else??? To date I am still awaiting a call from Mr. Cassamassa. After our Sons were humiliated and "man-handled" by Marc we filed a formal complaint w/San Dimas Sheriff'S Dept. on this instructor. Are you considering Red Dragon Via Verde for your child, go to another location "do not go to the Via Verde" location.moreless