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  • Awesome job as Gluttony. I loved it!

    I loved Chris as Gluttony in Fullmetal Alchemist. Very good job on his part. He was really able to work with Gluttony's character quite well, and for that I commend him. I only really can review him on FMA, though. I did not watch Kodocha, so it's really not much of a help. What I really loved to see was that he was a man of few words in character. And for those who listened to the commentary on Episode 19 on the DVD, he's also "known" as Ziggy. I really liked how he played out his character throughout all of his appearances in the show. Well done.
  • I love Chris!

    I know its Kinda weird,But I love him as Gluttony in FMA!I think his voice is talented up until his character goes crazy.Then I get kinda scared.I don't know how the hell he can sound like that because I try do it and kill myself in the process.Then of course there is the whole "Well geez Madison why don't we name ourselves after the sins?" thing and well...we don't need to get into that.My point is he captures the true feeling of Gluttony in FMA.Enough said ;)