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  • Chris

    He is amazing. He is fantastic. He is yourself. He is sexy. He`s perfect. He is different and he knows it.
  • what an exceptional young man Chris is.

    Chris is a great addition to the cast of Glee. He should have a bigger role than he's got right now. He's funny, sweet, a smart dresser. With proper guidance he will go far. I'd like to see Chris have more to do on the show.
    What an exceptional young man Chris is. What about a Spin off from Glee, showing the lighter side of Chris and the young man he's "in Love" with. they'd make a great sit com together. a younger version of Will and Grace.It doesn't matter if he's Gay or not. He just comes across as wholesome yet vulnerable.
  • Gosh!

    The voice is superb,the blackbird he did was exeptional for example. Love that the production team realized his importance to the show and made him a more showed character. I truely believe this talent will be huge. And his Kurt is great, reaching for every teenager to exept any type of preferences. If the show ever would be cancelled I hope for all us music lovers that Chris Colfer are gonna be in our lives one way or another.In musicals just singing or as preferered: singing and acting. My eyes will be on this boy to hope to see stardom. My best to Chris,and all of Glee-team.
  • Chris is the BEST!!!!

    OMG! I am so in love with Chris. He is awesome - what a voice, what a talent!!!! I'm betting that his career will be soaring to great heights and I look forward to seeing him on the "big" screen! He has had such a positive impact on the show. Also, so glad the show finally resolved the bullying issue. Sometimes the scripts take a creepy but necessary direction. But "Kurt" is back at McKinley where he beongs!! I can't seem to get enough of Chris, I liked him immediately. I have been a Gleek since the show started. I liked it when eveyone else was saying it wouldn't last . . .
  • I love love love love Chris as Kurt on Glee! Glee is my favorite show and Kurt has to be my favorite character.

    I love love love love Chris Colfer as Kurt on Glee. I haven't actually seen him act in anything else, but what I've seen on Glee is fantastic. He is very good at playing his role and adds real depth and contrast to the show. I love quoting his character because he always says such witty things. Glee is my favorite show and Kurt is without a doubt my favorite character. Glee wouldn't be the same without this man on the cast list. It's just my opinion and I respect everyone's personal opinions and I hope they'll respect mine. Thanks.
  • The next great actor and he's only a teenager!

    I would say why hasn't he been discovered before but considering he had only just graduated high school when the genius Ryan Murphy found him for Glee that doesn't really apply. When Chris auditioned for Glee he was actually there for Artie and the character of Kurt didn't even exist. However as I said the genius Ryan Murphy recognized how great Chris was and quite literally wrote the part of Kurt Hummel for him. I know Ryan has said Kurt is slightly based on himself and his past but a large portion of the brilliance comes from Chris. The writing and plots for his character, as with most everything else on the show, is 100% sheer brilliance but Chris knows how to work it. Not only does he bring the comedy the show requires but he's already made Kurt my favorite character and in my opinion the most fleshed out despite the fact that he's part of a great ensemble. I mean that's really saying something, being greater then great in a cast os greats. Not to mention his character is the one I feel most connected to. Besides that fact though I love the detail and individuality they put into Kurt. The litte details they throw into his dancing, remarks, and clothes are amazing. I think Ryan probably puts particular attentionm into Kurt but that's just a theory. Overall it's the combination of great writing and a great avtor but that being said I think Chris is an amazing talent for his age. Coming from basically no acting experience and really just being a pro not only with comedy but with emotional and dramatic stuff as well. I want to know where he learned that because it's rare even in seasoned trained actors to have half as much prescence and commitment.
  • AWESOME, AMAZING, PHENOMENAL! Best descriptives for Chris Colfer in Glee. New York fan.

    Kurt is the most amazing character in Glee. He is Sensational!!! I look forward to seeing him and watching him go to work as Kurt. Me and my entire family absolutely Love him in Glee. Chris Colfer is the best we've seen since the young Leonardo DiCaprio in Gilbert Grape. He is exceptional talent that has graced television. He certainly deserved to have been nominated for best supporting actor. America you got it wrong this time. He will certainly be rated with the best of them because he is the best of them! I simply love him and look forward to seeing him doing what he does best.
  • While I have always loved Chris in his role of Kurt, I now have a far greater appreciation of his abilities. Last night's show made it very clear that his will be a talent to reckon with in the coming years.

    As I sat studying and trying to keep up with the show's plots, watching with only half-minded attention. It was when Chris/Kurt began to sing that wonderful oldie, 'A House is Not a Home' that I was suddenly wakened to such a beautiful, haunting rendition of that song, the best of which I have ever heard. And i have heard plenty of versions over many decades.

    I look forward to seeing Chris for years to come, as surely the powers that be will see his great talent and Wow! factor, not to mention that elusive, unexplainable "It" factor. So bring it on, Chris!! You have got it all.
  • Absolutely love his character, Kurt, on Glee. I want to adopt him...a fine actor.

    This young man's star is going to rise as quickly as Brad Pitt's did after the Thelma and Louise movie hit theaters. Chris Colfer's obvious talent and charisma are evidence of that. And being that he's a California native (like me) he's more than likely well grounded also. His role on Glee makes me want to hug him and pinch his cute cheeks. My hope is that Glee and Chris Colfer will be around for a long long time. By the way, if you're not a Glee fan yet, just check out any episode (I suggest episode 9, 'Wheels'). It's funny and heartwarming. As for our Mr. Colfer, you can likely find him on the big screen in the not too distant future.