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    • Chris: I couldn't do country, with all due respect to all country music artists. My parents dressed me up with a cowboy hat and we'd go to the rodeo when I was younger and it traumatized me for life.

    • Chris: (On his background helping him in Glee) I was a major drama nerd in high school. So the fact that we preform music that I'm already familiar with a good thing.

    • Chris: (On what attracted him to Glee) I grew up doing musical theater. So, I was immediately attracted to the music and performance aspects of it. That fact that it's actually funny, not trying to be funny, but actually funny was appealing, too.

    • Chris: (On the most challenging part of his character in Glee) There have been a few times when I've joked about "leaving myself at the door" to fully commit to being him. He does so many things that I would never do or be caught doing, but to actually do them and be forced out of my comfort zone has been a good thing for me. I'm referring to doing the "Single Ladies" dance in Episode 103.

    • Chris: (On a memorable scene from Glee) It would be the day we filmed the audition scenes in the pilot. We didn't know we were filming them until ten minutes before. We sang live, no pre-records, and the cast and crew would applaud for us. That's probably the day the cast began to grow together. It was an environment full of nothing, but support. I'll remember it forever.

    • Chris: (On his audition for Glee) When I walked in to audition, Ryan Murphy asked me why did he get the feeling I had been in The Sound of Music. I told him I had. And, I had played Kurt. So that's why my character's name in the show is Kurt.

    • Chris:(About landing a part in Glee) I think the most joyous part was when I got the part in the pilot. I felt like I had made it. That was a great feeling after all of the years of rejection. I don't want to sound vain, but I have been wanting this so long, it just seems like everything is falling into place.

    • Chris: I do better singing female songs because my voice is so high-pitched.

    • Chris: (On his audition for Glee) I didn't go through a teenage rebellion period because I saw Nip/Tuck. That was my teenage rebellion. My mom would say, 'You're not allowed to watch that,' blah blah blah. It was very nerve-racking auditioning in front of Ryan Murphy because I'm such a huge fan. It was hard. He's very nice. He's a little intimidating at first, but he's great. I've learned lots of things from Ryan. I've learned how to deal with crazy people. Not that Ryan is crazy. But he likes crazy people.

    • Chris: (On his character in Glee) He's very fashionable. He's very low patience. He's very vogue. He's a lot of things. He's a mess sometimes. I think they've been describing him as the dramatic and fashionable soprano. I think I'm just the soprano part. He's the dramatic, fashionable and fabulous part. And I'm not so much any of those things.

    • Chris: My life is an awkward visit from the kids table.