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  • Chris Daugherty: The guy who snuck through the back door of the women's alliance

    Chris Daugherty was crowned the winner of Survivor: Vanuatu after he had outlasted 6 women: LeAnn, Ami, Julie, Eliza, Scout and Twila. He was the last guy standing on the Alinta tribe with just all women at camp. The women felt sorry for him when he told his wife that he was going to go home so they decided to vote off Eliza. That's when the twist came. Scout, Twila and Eliza Joined Chris and voted off LeAnn. Women's alliance history. Chris continued to lie and worked Twila to anger everyone especially on the jury to put a nail in her coffin. Chris is indeed the most unlikely winner after a lousy start on the balance beam. "When a woman opens her heart then there's the back door."
  • Only decent one in Vanautu

    IMO Chris was the only decent person of the Survivor 9 cast
    Because everybody IMO also, just didn't have a personality as they were mean-spirited
    As well as stabbing people in the back
    This cast just made the Survivor 5 aka Thailand cast look and sound like angels
    This cast, Thailand, and Panama Exile Island are my least favorite cast
    No personalities as well as mean-spirited!
    Chris deserved to win though he wasn't my favorite winner.