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  • Great guy.

    Great singer.
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    Chris is awesome! Chris Daughtry is best know as getting 4th place on American Idol Season 5. His elimination on top 4 results night was one of the biggest shockers of AI history. Even though I wanted Paris to win, she was eliminated, so I wanted him to win. I can't believe Taylor beat him. Taylor stinks. When it was down to him and Katherine, I was so mad because I wanted them to be in the finale. I prefered Katherine to leave, but Chris did. We were all mad. I don't own his CD, but I plan on it. Go Chris Daughtry!
  • Chris made me love rock music!!

    Chris showed that you don't need to win to become sucessful in the music business. Now, because of him, many other rockers are auditioning to the show to become the next Daughtry. I don't think any other rocker though is going to surpass him in his talent. Not only a entertainer but a song writer too. He wrote a song with former contestant on American Idol, who's name was Ace Young. He seems like a cool guy and he doesn't want to be known as a sex symbol because he's marriaged and has 2 or 3 kids of his own. My favorite rocker!!
  • He should of won season 5!!

    Chris is one of the most talented people from American Idol, he deserved to win season 5, he was better than both Taylor and Katharine(even thoguh Taylor was cool) Chris has two good songs out..Home and Its Not Over, they are both amazing!! He is so talented, he should be a bigger star. Overall Chris should keep making music in the future.
  • Chris is awesome!

    Chris Daughtry is best know as getting 4th place on American Idol Season 5. His elimination on top 4 results night was one of the biggest shockers of AI history. Even though I wanted Paris to win, she was eliminated, so I wanted him to win. I can't believe Taylor beat him. Taylor stinks. When it was down to him and Katherine, I was so mad because I wanted them to be in the finale. I prefered Katherine to leave, but Chris did. We were all mad. I don't own his CD, but I plan on it. Go Chris Daughtry!
  • stand aside taylor hicks and katharine mcphee, heres, our TRUE american idol season 5!

    as the title said, he was a great singer, and i cant believe he was eliminated in 4th place, as he is better than the other 2. its hard to believe the phone lines were down. anyway, he possesses talent, and i love his songs "home" and "Its not over. he deserves that platinum award, and i bet is going double or triple. he is one of american idols best. if you add great and unique rock voice, mixed with a christian (who doesnt swear), you get chris daughtry. theres no doubt he coulda won amercian idol. he is in my top 10 favorite singers. hes also very unique.
  • This guy can really sing!

    I can't believe how well Chris Daughtry can sing! I honestly think he was the best singer in the American Idol competition. I was very upset when he was voted off, but it turns out, it was the greatest thing that could've ever happened to him. He's able to do things his way, rather than the American Idol way; and his way has worked for him! It's gotten him a best selling album---sounds pretty good to me!

    He seems like a really nice guy too. He cares more about his family than he does about himself, and he's very polite. His songs are awesome (especially Over You), and I'm glad he's so successful. He's earned it.
  • Really great talent!

    Christopher Adam Daughtry, more popular known as Chris is an amazing rocker and is also a father. He only won 4th place in the fifth seaosn of American idol and in my opinion he should have made it to the finally because he was very original and he was a rebel and he refused to compromise but he always ended up having great performances. He adds an amount of rock on the show that only he can bring and that's what makes him unique from all the other contestants. He is forming a band named Daughrty and is starting his solo career.
  • Chris Daughtry was robbed!

    I can't believe Chris didn't win American Idol. I know that Chris left us way too soon. I can guarntee he will be a bigger star that the winner of American Idol. Chris is my American Idol. His album along with his buddy Ace Young will be the only two cd's I will be buying out of all the contestants. Not to mention he is the most down to earth guy ever. I like the fact that he is a family man. Everything he does is dedicated to them. To top it all off, he is REALLY hot. I love you Chris.
  • Should\'ve been American Idol!!!!

    I was shocked that Chris was voted off American Idol. I would like to know WHY. Let me tell you people that didn\'t vote for Chris. I don\'t like rock because most new rockers are wannabe\'s. Chris\'s voice is a rare thing. He could be another Oringinal Metallica singer. He can even take a country song \"Walk the Line\" by Johny Cash, and make it his own and make it sound like nothing I have heard before. Cash would have liked it. America made a mistake or they don\'t know true talent. By the way.... Chris\'s CD will sound great up next to Catherine and Taylor. I\'m just glad that Chris was exposed to the public and now I will be able to buy his CD and listen to some real music. Remember Chris sing from your Diafram not the throat. Years from now, people will be singing Chris\'s songs.
  • Summing it up Chris has the absolute best voice I have ever heard and he didn't need to win the competion for him to be the next american idol because he is my american idol and he has everything that it takes to be a big star.

    I am probably one of the biggest fans that Chris Daughtry could ever have. Before Chris was voted off I would wait every week just to watch him perform and I would sit on the couch and root him on. I absolutely beleive Chris has one of the most awesome voices I have ever heard. Now I don't care who wins the competion because I believed with all my heart it was going to be Chris and most of all it should of been. He is going to be so famous someday I know it.
  • Chris was awesome and he never should have got voted off. I felt really bad for him because he was the best singer on the show.

    Chris, Don\'t give up dude because you are awesome and handsome to. The people who voted you off just didn\'t know what good music was. You keep it up and I know your wife has your back a 100%.I love Katherine but she has been struggling the last couple of songs. Elliot, well I like him and he has come along way but I hope people vote for him for the right reasons. I know he has a hard life and his life will get better as long as he has faith. Taylor, he\'s cool and he\'s fun to watch. His song are good , his dancing needs improvement but like I said he\'s fun.
  • Chris should have won the whole damn thing... Something is wrong here I think!I would like to see a re-vote He`s the best...of the rest!I hope i`m not the only one that mean that! *love*

    American Idol s5 must have been proud to have such a good guy to even want to be there...
    Chris deserve so much more,and I mean that from all my heart!
    What does the rest of the contestens have that Chris don`t have?Riiight...They don`t have talent!
    Accept...Taylor!He`s really good also!
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  • I can't believe he got eliminated. Have no more intrest in this stupid American Idol now.

    Chris was probably the only contestant that actually made this show worthwhile to watch, and now he's gone, plus it wasn't event his fault The telephone calls and the internet votings got skrewed up, which made him lose and not dorky Katherine. Even everybody at my school was pissed off. Now, thanks to American Idols lousy connetions, I just change the channel to Disney Channel to see what movies there are.
  • Chris Daughty, breath-taking, and an unmistakable talent, leaving the jaws of music lovers everywhere between their toes!

    Chris Daughtry was was more than underrated when he was kicked off American Idol! My jaw dropped to the floor and as im sure mine was not the only one. How could America eliminate the only castmate on the show with a natural presence and magnificance on stage. His talents are breath-taking and all though he may not have won the title of American Idol he is surely worthy of it and is without a doubt on the road to bigger and brighter career... Looking Forward to a Debut CD!
  • It was a shooooock! I lost interest in AL. It is sooo rediculous that Chris got voted out!

    I could not believe that Chris was gone last night. He was the biggest reason for me to watch the show. I always expected some good performance from him. Waiting for his CDs. Hope he would keep on one pursuing singing career. Good Luck, Chris. Love everything about you, especially that you are a loving father and husband. You are the real winner!
  • The one who should have won American Idol. He has the looks, the talent and the drive.....but somehow, got voted off.

    What can I even say about Chris Daughtry? Aside from the fact that he was completly robbed on American Idol! This man has the looks, the talent, the drive, the everything to win. But, "america voted", yea right, and now he's gone. I am one of those who feel that it is all a big joke and our votes have nothing to do with it! Chris is the one who had been America's top pick from the auditions. Even those who didn't like him said he'd probably win. He seems like an all American guy. He is married and very obviously devoted to his wife and 2 step-children. Two children he so very proudly raises as his own. Chris made American Idol a joy to watch this season and I'm sure his loss will be felt. All I can say is, who ever out! Because Chris Daughtry is going to be giving you a run for your money! We will miss you Chris, and we will be standing in line to by your music!
  • Chris shouldnt stayed on I think he is alot better than Katherine.

    Chris has done nothing but sing his heart out on the show every week. He has done so good along with the other guys. Katherine has been sqeaky and missing notes she shouldnt gone home a few weeks ago. I think the show is a haux now. I dont think a rocker will ever get to win on this show. If they are not going to win why are they put through in the first place. Same with Constantine he was great too but down to the final 4 and he went home too. I am not watching this show anymore along with some other viewers too. Its rediculous. Well thats all.
  • I feel like I don\\\'t even want to watch American Idol anymore. Chris was the reason I kept watching this year!

    There is no possible way that the results could be correct for Chris Daughtry to have been sent home!!! Right from the start, he has been the most talented singer/performer. I am so upset about this that I feel I don\\\'t even want to watch the show anymore. Another look at the results should take place. No way Chris could have had the lowest score! I honestly tried for the full two hours, hitting redial repeatedly without any pauses, yet only received a busy signal. I have 2 different phone lines in my home, one for personal and one for business. My husband and I used both of the phones, each one for a separate number and still received busy signals or the message stating that all lines were busy. Finally, during the repeat busy signals, I had my daugher call a friend of mine by my cell phone (I don\\\'t have Cingular service) to have her send a text message for me with her husbands cell phone so I was able to have at least one vote placed Tuesday night. She also voted for Chris with her cell phone. Extremely unbelievable that Chris Daughtry had the lowest number of votes after all I went through to only be able to vote once!!!!!!!
  • I am absolutely horrified that Chris went home tonight. It simply does not make sense. This should not have happened.

    I am absolutely horrified that Chris went home tonight. It simply does not make sense. This should not have happened. I was almost in tears when the host announced his departure. I cannot believe this. Even if Chris Daughtry had not been my favorite contestant, I would have been equally surprised that he was voted off, let alone included in the bottom two. Perhaps his fans were over-confident in his success and did not bother to vote? I do not know. I will never know. But, I am extremely tempted to stop watching the show. None of this makes sense.
  • Beside myself that Chris went home tonight.

    I\'ve watched American idol for three seasons now. I can honestly say that after tonight, i will no longer be a fan. Chris was by far the best person to win this season. The show has an obligation to see that the most talented person should be in the finals. Changes on the voting system should have been made 2 seasons ago. America cannot be trusted when it comes to making these decisions. I also blame the judges for not giving Chris enough credit for his past few performances. I\'ve never been a fan of reality tv, but i liked American Idol because of the few talented contestants we get to see each year. very aggrivating to see the most talented get voted off. I definitely wont watch another episode this season. i couldnt care less about who wins now.
  • Chris is simply amazing with a wonderful, powerful voice

    What can you say about Chris? He is already one of the favorites on American Idol, and there is a good reason for it. Chris has come out every night and proven why he is one of the best. He has always had a good vocal; the only time he hasn\'t done good is because of bad song choice. Chris has a powerful rocker voice, but he has already proven with slower songs that he has an outstanding voice, even beyond rock. I\'m willing to bet that Chris will come out on top this American Idol season and he will definitely go far in his career in the music business.
  • Great..

    Chris Daughtry is one of the best singers of the whole history of American Idol. He really knows how to perform, and that is just awesome. His style is the best, he totally deserves to win the reality show. Let's hope he can be as great as every other winner, including Kelly Clarkson. :D
  • He is a great singer/performer and even if he doesn't win american idol he will go far.

    Chris has been one of my favs through the competition. I think he has incredible talent and even if he doesn't win he will become a star. His voice is great and he has star quality.

    (why do these reviews have to be 100 words?)

    Chris boasts amazing talent and there is no doubt that I am going to own his CDs.

    Go chris!!

    u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u ROCK!!

    (there, one hundred words)
  • The Best Idol contestant ever.. He should be the next Idol!

    The Best Idol contestant ever.. He should be the next Idol! While watching Idol I find it rare to see one person stand out in my opinion as much as Chris Daughtry does.. No matter what happens on the show he will have a great music carrer after Idol!! Keep up the good work Chris:)
  • My fave

    as much as I like a few of the other contestants, Chris is with out a doubt my hands down fave to win this year, powerful voice, great singer, pretty darn hot, and a great great person, God Forbid he does not run away with it he will be huge anyhow Love Him
  • Chris Let's hear what else you can do.

    Chris, definitely talented, but I would like to hear him sing some soul He has a great sounding voice but being a baby boomer the alternative music is not as appealing as say some Marvin Gaye or Al Green, or even B. J. Thomas. Yeah there you go Chris put a little rocker spin on that B.J. Thomas. I like you for several reasons, think your voice sounds alot like todays music. But would I buy your records Probably not, I would buy Elliotts and Taylors music, but that is not a put down You show me your R and B side or a funky spin and I would buy yours too. I liked your audition when you sang to Paula that Marvin Gaye song. I know someone will offer you a contract, if you do not win Idol. I will have to say so far your performances verge on electrifying. You rock Chris
  • Gonna Be A Big Star

    I'm hoping Chris makes it to the very end of this competition. He's got an awesome voice, and lots of talent. He makes every song he sings his own. I like that. He's raw and edgy. We haven't seen that in a while. It's about time we had someone really take to the limit. He's the one to do it to. ROCK ON CHRIS!!!

    Your fan in Elmore,Ohio HEATHER T.