Chris Edgerly

Chris Edgerly


8/6/1969, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Birth Name

Christopher Edgerly



Also Known As

Chris Edgerley, Chris Edgrely
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Chris was born in Maryland in 1969. At a young age, his family moved to Savannah. He attended the Benedictine Military High School and the University of Georgia. Chris started performing Stand-Up comedy whilst at University, and continued to tour with his comedy act following graduation. In addition…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Chris Edgerly replaced Len Maxwell in MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch by voicing the character of Nick Diamond.

    • Chris has since settled into the world of voice over where he provides voices for movies, TV shows and video games and still does the occasional stand-up gig around town.

    • Chris Edgerly relocated to Orlando in his early twenties and later to Los Angeles.

    • A ten year career touring the country followed for Chris Edgerly (where his ability to do voices came in handy,) punctuated by the occasional television appearance on Nickelodeon.

    • After a season of rugby at the university, Chris Edgerly tried his hand at stand-up comedy at the urging of his roommates.

    • When Chris Edgerly was still attending Benedictine Military High School and later the University of Georgia, Chris would entertain his friends with various impressions.

    • Chris Edgerly is 6'(1.83 m)

    • Chris Edgerly Toured the country for ten years as a stand-up comedian and still plays clubs occasionally.

    • Chris Edgerly Attended Benedictine Military School and later graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Journalism.

    • Chris Edgerly plays Yuan, Kvar, and Magnius in the NGC game, Tales of Symphonia.

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