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Chris Elliott

Chris Elliott


5/31/1960, New York, New York

Birth Name

Christopher Elliott



Also Known As

Christopher Elliott, Christopher N. Elliott, Chris Elliot
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This now famous actor, who is the son of former actor Bob Elliott, got his start as a writer on David Letterman's NBC program, "Late Night with David Letterman." Then in the early 1990's Elliott would receive his own seriers on the FOX network called "Get a Life."…more


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  • Chris elliot is indeed a comic genius.

    Chris Elliot is a talented individual. I remember him from the early days of The David Letterman Show. He was the "Man under the stairs." Since than he have had a series of his own, Get A Life. He also guest starred in various sitcoms such as Jim and Everybody loves Raymond. He was also a member of Saturday Night Live for awhile. As well as being an actor he writes and directs too. The first time I've seen him was on the David Letterman Show as the "Man underneath the stairs." I really enjoyed the humor in Get a Life, in my opinion he's a comic genius.moreless