Chris Evans (I)





4/1/1966 , Warrington, England

Birth Name




Chris Evans's Saturday morning show on GLR (the BBC's London radio show at the time), was new and exciting and it was not long until Chris Evans showcased his talents to a wider audience. Early success for Chris Evans came as co-presenter on Channel 4's "The Big Breakfast" for which he started working on in September 1992. One year later, Chris Evans established Ginger Productions. It was then that he presented Channel 4's "Don't Forget Your Toothbrush". In 1995 he had new success back on radio, where he helped Radio 1 audiences to increase with his Breakfast Show. However, he left the BBC under difficult circumstances. Radio 1's head at the time, Matthew Bannister, had issued a warning to Chris Evans after he failed to show up to work. After Evans's demand to have Fridays off was refused, he left Radio 1. With BBC radio behind him, he presented another Channel 4 hit, TFI Friday. In a bold move, Evans turned media magnate by taking over Virgin Radio after buying out Richard Branson. However in 2000, Chris Evans sold his Ginger Media Group, which included his interest in Virgin Radio to Scottish Media. 2000 also saw the end of TFI Friday, whose last episode, on 22 December 2000 was hosted by Sir Elton John. Chris Evans later had a legal run-in with Virgin Radio. Evans was sacked by Virgin Radio after he began a three-day drinking binge. When Mr Justice Lightman threw out Evans's case against Virgin, he characterised Chris Evans: "He has the temperament of a prima donna. He always expects and demands compliance with his wishes. He is petulant and given to sulking and walking away from situations whenever he considers himself thwarted. He is a person who cannot tolerate either criticism or the exercise by management of authority over what he does ... he is manipulative and has resort to any means, fair or foul, to achieve his ends." In 2005 Chris Evans joined Radio 2 to present a Saturday afternoon show and in April 2006 he started to present the weekday drive time show.