Chris Fountain

Chris Fountain


9/9/1987, Bradford, England

Birth Name

Christopher Ryan Fountain



Also Known As

Christopher Fountain
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Chris is a British actor who is best known for his role as Justin Burton in Hollyoaks. In addition to his work in Hollyoaks, he has appeared in other television shows such as Where The Heart Is and The Royal, and on the stage he has appeared in…more


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    • Chris: (On the fans on the Dancing on Ice live tour) It's weird, because I'm getting a massive reaction from the public on the Dancing on Ice tour we're doing and yet that televised final was a public vote. So I'm thinking: 'Why didn't they all vote for me?'

    • Chris: (On his past skating helping him on Dancing on Ice) I played ice hockey for two years but it's completely different to what I'm doing now. The blades are different, the stance is different, the speed and the way you use your arms is different.

    • Chris: I was about nine when I first started acting. I did small pantos and stuff, but then I got into acting seriously when I did Les Miserables. I also did Oliver. Then I got an agent and started to try for TV work.

    • Chris: (On his Dancing On Ice Partner, Frankie Poultney) Frankie and I get on really, really well. We have a great banter and always take the mickey out of each other all the time. She said if I drop her we'll both lose our teeth - she'll lose them when she falls and I'll lose them when she gets up.

  • i hope he is my brother coz i watch hollyoaks 24 7 and now i could watch it in the making please be my brother.

    I am so lucky i found out today that he might be my brother coz we got a phone call askin questions and saying to my dad that chris fountain might be your son i would be so chuffed if he was omg no way. If he was my brother i would be so annoyed coz he is so hot but happy to have him as my brother. i cant wait to get the next phone call to find out if he is my real brother. Also he knows the name of his dad but cant find him and my dad is Martin Procter and that is what they think the name. how lucky best luck i have had in a while.moreless
  • he is sooooooo fitttt

    omg he is 1 fit laddd

    if i saw him 1 day i wud drop ded he is gawjus gawjussssssssss

    even wen he is actin in hollyoaks an he is doin an episode wer he is ment to look dull or abit trampy, lol, he still looks fittttt

    his eyes r so adoreable an his blonde hair is sexy his body is stunnin (but cud be a bit more tanned)

    he is just lovely obv most important is his actin n dat is class overall he is the best lookin actor in hollyoaks aswell as Jamie Lomas lufff yewwwwwwww chrisss keep the gud luks up x x x x x xmoreless