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Chris Gore

Chris Gore


Big Rapids, Michigan

Birth Name

Christian Gore


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Chris Gore is an American writer and television personality. He regularly appears on G4's Attack of the Show and covers movies and video games for a living.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Television Appearances for shows not listed at
      E3 07 Live - Correspondent

    • Gore developed a pilot named Critic's Court for the MovieWatch Network. The show was to have people judge movies, it never went to series.

    • Chris will be providing the liner notes for a tribute album to 80's films called High School Reunion from American Laundromat Records.

    • Gore's personal column on Film Threat is comically titled "The Gorey Details".

    • Gore is the author of the book The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made - A collection of films that were never made, but what he and many of the people in the industry believe would have been great based solely on the scripts.

    • Because it's hard for him to do as a movie reviewer, Gore choses not to have one "top" movie. He does, however, have a list of movies that he always mentions as his favorites: Slacker, Amelie, The Empire Strikes Back, Evil Dead and Taxi Driver.

    • Gore is a huge advocate of DVD publishing. He believes that because of DVD technology, independent filmmakers are now using the medium as a way for them to actually have their movie become profitable.

    • Chris boasts that he has well over 1000 movies on DVD in his collection.

    • Gore's first issue of his magazine Film Threat was only 500 issues and distributed to students in his Film History Class at Wayne State University.

    • Gore learned to read when he was 4 years old. He claims it was because he wanted to read the television listings of when the monster movies were on.

    • Chris states that the movie that first started his interest in movies was 2001: A Space Odyssey. He saw it when he was 5 years old.

    • The first season of Gore's Ultimate Film Fanatic on the Independent Film Channel (IFC), received the highest ratings in the networks history.

    • Chris has recently ventured into filmmaking, as the co-writer and producer of the comedy spoof My Big Fat Independent Movie.

    • Gore's online Film Threat was recently named one of the "Top Five Film Web Sites" by the Wall Street Journal.

    • Gore attended his first film festival at the age of 12. Since then he has attended well over 100 festivals.

    • Chris is the author of The Complete DVD Book: Designing, Producing and Marketing Your Independent Film on DVD.

    • Gore is the founder of Film Threat. Film Threat is a magazine and website devoted to covering independent films.

    • Chris lists the Sin City's Double Disc Special Edition as his favorite DVD release of 2005.

    • He has a once-a-week appearance on G4tv's Attack of the Show. He reviews DVDs on Tuesdays for a segment cleverly named DVDuesday.

  • Quotes

    • Chris: Because magic is fake. Steven Segal is real...sort of.

    • Chris: I'm gonna count all the Superman movies as Journalism movies. Just like I consider all the Batman movies as Detective stories...except the Joel Schumacher ones. Those are like soft core fetish porn.

    • Chris Gore: The web offers a way to communicate and get feedback from your readers, the web is random access, the web is instantaneous in a way that print could never compete.