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  • Great singer.

    Why he didn't get a 10 b/c he is alittle full of himself. One in a million voice.
  • I think Chris Isaak is the hottest singer ever. He was born Christopher Joseph Isaak on June 26, 1956 in Stockton, CA. He is also a good actor in films or guest starring in tv shows. He had his own show on Showtime for three seasons.

    I had a crush on him for a long time. I was a fan of his, since his 1989 breakthrough album "Heart Shaped World". I do understand his lyrics about heartache and heartbreak. I would listen to his songs, since I don't have a boyfriend. He is the sexiest singer ever! I adore his very sexy hairy chest and muscular arms, especially when I see him in some of his music videos with his shirt off or with his tank top on. He has the nicest blue eyes. He has a good Roy Orbison falsetto-style voice. He plays the guitar very well. He has a nice James Dean-type hairstyle, which is slicked back. I would nickname him, Rockabilly California Ken doll.