Chris Jericho





11/9/1970 , Manhassett, New York

Birth Name

Christopher Keith Irvine




Chris Jericho is a pro wrestling superstar with numerous championships and credits in many federations including WCW, ECW, and WWE. Originally a journalism graduate at Red River Community College in Winnipeg, Canada, Chris got his training at the famous Hart Brothers School of Wrestling, and worked the Canadian circuits. He also worked in EMLL in Mexico and New Japan Pro Wrestling where he adopted the Lionheart moniker. He later joined ECW, and even won a world championship title.

In 1996, Chris debuted in World Championship Wrestling, making it to a few pay per views, and eventually winning the WCW Cruiserweight championship. But after a string of losses, he decided he did not want to be a face, or good guy, anymore, and started getting a cocky attitude, leading to many entertaining skits and feuds with various cruiserweights, making fun of everyone's names and , and collecting their gimmicks as trophies after defeating them in a big event. After a battle royale event, Jericho's title was taken from him from some boardroom technicalities, and he claimed he was a Conspiracy Victim. He later moved onto challenging some bigger fish in the federation, including Goldberg and Saturn, but got hardly any recognition as the WCW was busy pushing their supposedly more popular stars.

Chris felt his talent was totally underrepresented at WCW, and after a hiatus from that company, in August 9, 1999, he interrupted The Rock's promo, and made a grand debut at the WWF as the Millennium Man, Y2J. Not only was his reception positive, but within five minutes, he had the entire audience booing him as he turned on his fans. He renamed the Monday night RAW show "RAW is Jericho", and within the year, he was already involved in several feuds with big name stars. Chris won the Intercontinental Title at Armageddon, but he had to share it with Chyna. In 2000, Chris Jericho enjoyed further success with a European Championship, and scored a stunning WWF Championship win against Triple H that got shortly disqualified on a technicality. He feuded with his buddy Chris Benoit, and with Triple H the rest of the year.

In 2001, Chris tag teamed with Benoit and won the WWF Tag Team Championship against Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. With ECW invading the WWF, Chris supported the WWF side, but found himself feuding with The Rock who wouldn't give him superstar recognition. He eventually won the WWF Championship, and would team up with The Rock, trading tag team titles with the other contenders. But in December 2001, at WWF Vengeance, Chris had his greatest match ever, double main-eventing against The Rock and Steve Austin, and winning both matches to become the first WWF Undisputed Champion.

As WWF transitioned to WWE, Chris Jericho continued to participate in high profile matches and feuds with Shawn Michaels and Christian. In 2005 he feuded with John Cena, culminating in a loser gets fired match. After losing this match, Chris took time off from pro wrestling. In November 2007, he returned to the WWE using a Da Vinci code gimmick indicating his "Second Coming". Outside of wrestling, Chris Jericho fronts a metal cover band called Fozzy, hosts a show on satellite radio, writes magazine articles and columns, and posts blogs on his official website that he has had since the WCW days.