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  • Chris Jericho is a WWE wrestler currently taking a break from wrestling he is one of the more talented wrestlers in the WWE and will always be the Ayatolla of rock and rolla, ther king of bling bling , the human highlight reel Y2J Chris Jericho!!!!!!!!!!!

    In my opinion Chris Jericho is better than everybody currently in the WWE, he is a great mat base wrestler, a highflyer and one of the most charismatic superstars in wwe history. As I said in my sumarry he is currently taking a break from the WWE touring with his band Fozzy and spending time with his family, when he is back I'm sure he will be able to bring the ratings up dramatically for whatever brand he ends up being a part og, I personally would rather have him on smackdown because they really need him. Chris Jericho is my favorite wrestler and will always be WWE IS JERICHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!