Chris Klucsaritis

Chris Klucsaritis


1/4/1970, Sunnyside, Queens, NY



Birth Name

Christopher Klucsaritis



Also Known As

Chris 'Kanyon' Klucsaritis, Chris Canyon, Mortis, Chris "Champagne" Kanyon, Chris K, "Positively" Kanyon, Chris Morgan, Chris Kanyon, Darkbird, Kanyon
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Height: 6'3"

Weight: 245 lbs.

Debut: April 5, 1992

Other Ring Names: Mortis, Chris Canyon (Chris never officially went by this name, it was a misspelling of Kanyon), Chris Morgan (First match only)

Nicknames: The Innovator of Offense" (bestowed upon him by WCW…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Chris' former Managers were Nitro Girl Baby,J. Biggs,Nitro Girl Chameleon,Jackie Gayda,James Vandenburg.

    • Chris was Trained By Pete Gonzalez, Ismael Gerena, Bobby Bold Eagle, Afa, The Fabulous Moolah.

    • Chris's Favorite Wrestlers Growing Up were Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and the Four Horsemen.

    • Chris's Favorite Actors are Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, Harvey Kietel.

    • Chris's Favorite Actresses are Drew Barrymore, Susan Serandon, Linda Hamilton, Geena Davis

    • Chris's Pet Peeves: People who just criticize without offering constructive criticism, or other options; negative people; unqualified people working the windows at drive-thrus.

    • Chris's Favorite Song is Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds

    • Kanyon's Favorite TV Shows are Frasier, Seinfeld, Survivor, Jackass and all WWF programming.

    • Kanyon's Favorite Foods are Pizza, Chicken Parmesan, Steak

    • Kayon's Title Summary:
      - WCW World Tag-Team Champion w/ Diamond Dallas Page & Bam-Bam Bigelow (Triad) (6/13/99 - 8/14/99)
      - WCW United States Heavyweight Champion (7/24/01 - 9/10/01)
      - WWF World Tag-Team Champion w/ Diamond Dallas Page (8/07/01 - 8/19/01)

    • Kanyon once went into an all-out war by himself against the man known as Raven and his "Flock"

    • In 1994, Kanyon had a try out with the WWF, but the federation opted not to extend him a contract.

    • His two wrestling types are Allrounder and

    • Two of his nicknames from wrestling are "Champagne" and "The Innovator of Offense."

    • Former Member of: Alliance, Men at Work, Jersey Triad

    • Kanyon wrestled under the ring Chris Morgan in his pro debut match.

    • Finishing/Signature Moves:

      Flatliner (a.k.a. The "I'm Better Than You")
      Swinging Fisherman Suplex
      Kanyon Cutter
      Electric Chair Drop
      Leg Face Driver Out of Corner
      Super Samoan Drop
      Super Russian Leg Sweep
      Sitout Dominator
      Torture Rack into Neckbreaker
      Super Kick

    • One of Kanyon's move was a variation of the Flatliner which he called "I'm Better Than You."

    • Some of Kanyon's notable fueds are with:

      Ernest Miller
      Diamond Dallas Page
      Buff Bagwell
      Mike Awesome
      The Undertaker
      Bruce Steele

    • Kanyon and Ryan Hemphill (Nascar Truck driver) are in the works to release a game show called "Hide the Cucumber" set to debut in 2008

    • Shannon McNeill was one of Kanyon's managers back in 2000,after being the Nitro girl, Baby. She soon left him, however, to return to college to pursue a career in teaching.

    • Chris is legally married to Jeremy Lopez (also a wrestler), who was trained by the great Dean Malenko.

    • He stole the move made famous by DDP(The Diamond Cutter) and re-named it Kanyon Kutter,which caused a feud between them.

    • Kanyon debuted in WCW as a jobber. After several months he was placed in a tag team called Men at Work with Mark Starr.

    • Chris is one of the few, if not only, openly gay wrestlers.

    • His wrestling moves are Electric Chair Drop, The Flatliner, I'm Better Than You, Kanyon Cutter, Leg Face Driver Out of Corner, Sitout Dominator, Super Kick, Super Russian Leg Sweep, Super Samoan Drop, Swinging Fisherman Suplex & Torture Rack into Neckbreaker.

    • He has feuded with Bruce Steele, Buff 'The Stuff' Bagwell, Diamond Dallas Page, Ernest 'The Cat' Miller, Glacier, Kane, Mike Awesome and The Undertaker.

    • He began wrestling full-time in late 1994, went to the WWF for a few matches, in early 1995 he went to WCW as a member of 'Men at Work' with Mark Starr. He was next given a mask, renamed 'Mortis' managed by James Vanderburg teaming with Wrath (Bryan Clarke).

    • His very first match in Levittown, New York he called himself Chris Morgan and then decided to use Chris Kanyon from that point on. The next 3 years he worked as a physical therapist wrestling on the weekends only.

    • He was trained for wrestling by Afa 'The Wild Samoan', Bobby Bold Eagle, The Fabulous Moolah, Ismael Gerena & Pete McKay Gonzalez, he made his in-ring debut on 5 April 1992 in Levittown, NY at the Island Trees Junior High School.

    • He has had the following in-ring names/nicknames of Chris 'Champagne' Kanyon, Chris K, Chris Kanyon, Chris Morgan, Darkbird, Kanyon, Mortis and 'Positively' Kanyon.

  • Quotes

  • One of the keepers the WWE was stupid to let go..

    He started out in a tag team with the name Chris Morgan,he soon was part of a tag team called "Men at Work" he was cut by the WWE and soon went on to WCW,where he had a character named Mortis.Mortis was one of a fan favorite from the characters in the WCW.He then was in a tag team with DDP(Diamond Dallas Page) and later broke apart from him and named himself "Champaigne" Kanyon to make fun of DDP's champaign-like style.He even stole DDP's "Diamond Cutter" and called it "Kanyon Kutter" which was to DDP's dismay,he recently came out and addmitted he was gay,and he has his own website and will soon be in a show called "Hide the Cucumber" in England.moreless