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  • Due to the career I have, there is very little time for me to watch television; however, I was fortunate enough to see Chris Kramer for the first time in Captive Hearts on Lifetime with Tracy Gold.

    Picking a classification to describe Chris is very hard. I considered him a. original b. talented c. underrated d. give him a show, and of course the answer would be e. all of the above. I found him a most charming with genuine acting ability and I do hope to see him star in more original movies and on the big screen in the near future. Some people have \'it\' and some people don\'t. He truly does have it for due to seeing many movies, it is very hard to catch my attention when I\'m surfing channels. My attention was captured to the end of the movie. Chris, may I please send you a little Alabama southern hospitality in saying I wish you much success and many years of the high standard of acting credibility you deserve. God bless and take care.