Chris McKenna

Chris McKenna


10/18/1977, Queens, New York, USA

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Christopher L. McKenna, Christopher McKenna, Chris L. McKenna
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Chris McKenna, an American actor, was born in Queens, NY on October 18, 1977. He made his television debut at the tender age of 12, where he played Joey Buchanan on the daytime series "One Life To Live". He remained on the show for three years, during which…more


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  • A rising mega star.

    After reviewing the movie "King of the ants" I was tremendously impressed with the acting talents of Chris Mckenna. I have seen this gentlemen in other shorter features but this later work shows his natural relationship with the camera and others in the film. Chris plays a part that would seem a little out of character for him; a newly small time hit man who doesn't get paid but rather the gang that hires him wants to eliminate him as well, But he moves to get even. Its a hard film to watch in spots because as handsome a devil as Mckenna is it is hard to see him as brutalized as he becomes. Even though he is for the most part a killer, I find myself rooting for him to get them all.

    This guy has taken what I would think a slower root to stardom although he has been there for sometime, I believe he has just begun to punch through the ice to a mega career. He is one to watch in the coming years. I cannot wait to see what happens with him next.moreless