Chris Moyles





2/22/1974 , Leeds, UK

Birth Name

Christopher David Moyles




Chris began his radio career working for a hospital radio station in his hometown Leeds, before joining Aire FM at the tender age of 16. He then worked for various radio stations, including Chiltern, Luxembourg, and Capital FM, before landing his dream job at BBC Radio One in 1997, with his comedy sidekick Dave Vitty. He has worked on the early morning show during the weekdays, the weekend morning show, and the weekday drive time show for the station. He is currently presenting the Radio 1 Breakfast Show on weekdays from 6.30-10am.

His abrasive style has led to him upsetting most of the other Radio One DJs at some point, most notably Mark Goodier and Nicky Campbell. Chris has turned down two offers to join Virgin Radio, by its owner Chris Evans, who is a fan of Moyles. He was also offered a job presenting The Big Breakfast, but turned it down as he didn't want to give up his radio show. Chris recently made his mark on TV, with the TFI-style show - Live with...Chris Moyles, which was produced by Chris Evans, but was axed after just thirteen weeks at the end of 2002.

Chris dated TV presenter Ana Boulter for a couple of years, but they split up in December 2001.