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  • Trivia

    • In March 2009 Chris was one of the celebrities on the Red Nose climb up Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief.

    • On 4 October 2007 Chris published a follow-up book called "Chris Moyles: The Difficult Second Book", which was published by Ebury Press. It was released as a paperback on 1 May 2008.

    • Chris's father works for the Post Office in Leeds.

    • Chris's father is English and his mother is Irish.

    • Chris is 5' 9" (1.75 m) tall.

    • In 2006, Chris was one of several BBC star presenters whose salaries were leaked to a national newspaper by a temporary agency worker at the corporation. Following this, the BBC Trust launched a review into whether the BBC was paying its stars above the market rate, which was published in 2008 and vindicated the corporation.

    • Featherstone Rovers' Rugby League stadium is named the Chris Moyles Stadium in his honour.

    • Chris famously supports Leeds United Football Club and frequently refers to this on his radio show.

    • Chris has one elder brother called Kieron.

    • At the end of April 2009, it was reported that Chris is to agree a one year extension to his contract, taking him to July 2010.

    • Chris was voted one of the Faces for '97 by SKY magazine.

    • Chris was educated at the Mount St Mary's Catholic High School on Ellerby Road in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

    • Once accidently 'outed' someone on his radio show who was technically 'out'.

    • Was the guest host of the first 3 episodes of Big Brother's Big Mouth during Big Brother 8.
      The first episode aired on Channel 4 on May 30th and the rest on E4 after the highlight show on the following days.

    • In 2006 Chris had his autobiography published: The Gospel According to Chris Moyles: The Story of a Man and His Mouth.

    • 2004 was a very good year for Chris. He was named 'DJ Of The Year' for 2004, by readers of 'The Sun,' 'Funniest DJ' at the Loaded Laftas, and 'Radio Personality of The Year' at the GQ Awards.

    • Chris is currently dating Sophie Waite and has been since September 2002.

    • He has appeared as Carr on 24: The Game.

    • Since he took over the Breakfast Show in 2004, Chris has been increasing the listening figures. By August 2006, the average listenership was at 6.79 million.

    • He has worked for Radio Luxembourg where he was known as Chris Holmes.

    • He has worked at Radio Aire, The Pulse of West Yorkshire, Chiltern Radio, Horizon Radio, Signal 1 and Capital FM.

    • In October 2004 Chris Moyles and The Chris Moyles Show team went to Number One of the UK Official Download Chart with their charity single "Dogz Don't Kill People (Wabbitz Do)", a spoof of Goldie Lookin Chain's "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do." The team went under the name of Mouldy Looking Stain and all proceeds from the single went to Comic Relief.

    • He has raised money for Comic Relief by taking part in the Red Nose Rally where he and his team drove around the UK in a truck and an assortment of famous cars collecting prizes which were auctioned off. The climax of the Rally was on Comic Relief night on March 11th 2005. They raised over £600,000 for the charity.

    • In 1998, Chris was crowned DJ of the Year by The Sun readers.

    • In 1997 Chris won a Silver Sony Radio Award for DJ of the Year. In May 2006 he won a Gold Sony Radio Academy Award.

    • He was voted 7th 'Most Powerful Radio Star' by the Radio Times in June 2005.

    • He is the self proclaimed 'Saviour of Radio 1.'

    • He joined Radio 1 on Monday 28 July 1997 taking over the weekdays 4.00am slot.

    • He starred in X Factor: Battle of the Stars and came 3rd. He was mentored by Louis Walsh in the over 25 category.

    • He is currently the DJ of the Radio 1 breakfast show which he began on January 5th 2004.

  • Quotes

    • Chris: I'm glad that even more people can enjoy the show and now even computer geeks from around the world can help feed my ego.

    • Chris: I get papped quite a lot. In the early days I was in Heat magazine every week, but these days none of the photos ever make it into the paper. Whenever a flash goes off now, I want to tell them they are wasting their time, no one's going to retire selling pictures of me.

    • Chris: I'm very lucky. There's no pressure on me to do the celebrity circus. I'm on the radio for three hours every morning, so I don't need to fall out of China Whites with a Page Three girl for people to remember who I am.

    • Chris: I love meeting famous people. I'm slightly obsessed; I even spot people who have appeared in toothpaste commercials.

    • Chris: Jonathan Ross's show is just Parky without the seriousness or TFI Friday without the silliness. But it's still a bloody great show. I'm curious to do more telly but I won't leap around doing shit. I want to make it work.

    • Chris: The best thing about not drinking for a month is the smugness.

    • Chris: Well ... if I get on really well with a guest and they suggest going out for a drink, I'm hardly going to refuse. I'm still waiting for a date to meet up with James Nesbitt. But I won't go out with him on his own. I want a mutual friend to come along because it might get messy. Paddy Kielty is going to be our ... mediator.

    • Chris: I don't want to die and go to heaven to find a big, burly-looking Jesus on the gates saying, "Oh, I didn't exist, huh?" It's always better to keep an open mind just in case.

    • Chris: My mum's met Cliff Richard because I'm on the radio. So she's happy. She gets Access All Area passes to all sorts of gigs. She went to the Leeds Festival and met Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters. There are so many pop stars who have met my mother. It's actually quite scary. Noel Gallagher. All of Travis. Feeder. Meanwhile, I've never met Dave Grohl ...

    • Chris: There's nobody good enough to replace me.

    • Chris: I'm just a hunka hunk of burning love!

    • Chris: I'm sitting backstage - it's rubbish. I've got to look at Dr Fox's fat face all night. No food, no booze, no birds - it's rubbish!

    • Chris: (In Deluxe Magazine Interview, May 1998, Chris said the following on joining Radio 1) They need me to come and kick the station up the arse, that's what they hired me to do. What do I bring to the station? Me and my little world, everything that goes with it including big breasted women, crap competitions, the word crap - been missing for far too long - dwarves, dwarf tossing off bridges... my world. I'm the saviour of broadcasting.