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Chris Mundy's writing career began as a senior editor for Rolling Stone magazine in New York, where he worked for 11 years interviewing and writing profiles for celebrities. Because he had always wanted to write for television, he moved to California in 1999 to accept his first job…more


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    • According to Nellie Andreeva of The Hollywood Reporter (September 29, 2009), Chris Mundy will be writing the spinoff of Criminal Minds on CBS, which will be broadcast as an episode in the series sometime in spring 2010. The concept is a joint venture between Chris and Ed Bernero. ABC Studios, the Mark Gordon Co. and CBS Studios will produce the potentially new television program.

    • Chris Mundy is represented by attorney Ken Richman and UTA.

    • According to Variety (May 3, 2007), Chris Mundy and ABC Television Studio have signed an overall deal for Chris to develop new projects for the studio. He will continue with Criminal Minds in the multiyear, seven-figure agreement.

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    • Chris Mundy: (reflecting on Mandy Patinkin's sudden departure from Criminal Minds) As crazy as it was, I look back at that time fondly. I don't look back on Mandy's leaving fondly, but I look back on how we dealt with it fondly. We had a real feeling that our cast was so strong and the characters were so strong that it wouldn't matter. But you never know until you see it.

    • Chris Mundy: (regarding the new post-strike production schedule for Criminal Minds) It will be all hands on deck for the writing staff. Actual production won't begin, however, until scripts have been completed, which could take days or even weeks.

    • Chris Mundy: (regarding the advantage Criminal Minds had after the strike) We didn't have to break down our sets. We're luckier than most.

    • Chris Mundy: (discussing the end of the WGA strike and Criminal Minds) It will be all hands on deck for the writing staff. It's a real balancing act to get up and running as fast as possible, but not let the quality slip.

    • Chris Mundy: (discussing Mandy Patinkin's departure) Everything in Criminal Minds is really shaken up by what happened at the end of last season. Just a teeny bit of art imitating life, but the art actually came first.

    • Chris Mundy: (discussing the WGA strike) It's fun to write prose again, but I'd rather be back at work with a fair deal than have time to write a novel.

    • Chris Mundy: At Rolling Stone, you wait for somebody to create something and write about it. I wanted to be the person creating it.

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  • Chris Mundy is doing terrible damage to Criminal Minds 1 - in order to make his CM2 succeed, despite the damage done to the original cast who are being dumped in order to pay for CM2. NCIS just failed at the exact same move.moreless

    I have been a long time fan of Chris Mundy's and Crimnal Minds. That being said, I am disgusted with Mr. Mundy's involvement in the debacle going on with CM1 and CM2.

    Not only had Mr. Mundy been handed the reins of CM2, he has been directly involved with the terrible damage to CM1 - with the ejection of A.J. Cook and the restriction of Paget Brewster. By dumping these ladies, Mundy has been able to fund CM2 - which he now heads up.

    Mundy went one step further today - by announcing he was borrowing the character, Penelope Garcia, from CM1 and making her a regular on CM2. Now why do you think he is doing that, folks?

    Because he has been listening to and reading what WE have been saying - that we are not interested in CM2 and we resent the damage he has personally inflicted on CM1. He's not stupid - "I'll just move Garcia to CM2 and they'll HAVE to watch - the fools!"

    Mundy - NCIS1 just tried that same move with their stupid spinoff also. It failed - and so will YOU.moreless