Chris Noth

Chris Noth


11/13/1954, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Birth Name

Christopher David Noth



Also Known As

Christopher Noth
  • Chris Noth on The Good Wife.
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Chris Noth was born in Madison, Wisconsin on 13 November 1954. In his youth, he traveled and lived in England, Yugoslavia, and Spain but never stayed in the same place for too long. Chris studied with Sanford Meisner before attending the Yale School of Drama.
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    • Chris: (on the Sex and the City: The Movie sequel) We are doing a sequel right here in London. I don't know, I'm just kidding - it's up to the writer, Michael Patrick King. I think it would be a great place to make it. If Woody Allen can make films in London, why can't we?

    • Chris: (on doing "Law & Order") An hour-long procedural program can be deadening-and you have to fight it, you really have to fight it. It's excruciating hours and it's tough to do, but given what I just talked about, with all the factors and the people, I think we're doing some worthwhile stuff and I think people are starting to pay attention to that.

    • Chris: New York used to be so much more than just a place to shop. It was life on the street for the eccentrics; it was an eccentric city. It had many different tastes. Now it's just one-a really rich one-with big tall glass buildings.

    • Chris: (on getting involved with Rainforest Action Network) I'm an actor, and I'm not going to go off and be an activist for them because I'm doing my thing. But I just want to support people who have a commitment that is so strong-I want people to know, to join them.

    • Chris: (on the movie Sex and the City) I never, ever been on a set where there was that much interest in trying to figure out what was going on. Everyone got it in the papers completely wrong because everything is so out of context they don't understand just because they see someone in a wedding dress, it doesn't necessarily mean what they think it's going to mean. That's the beauty of the movie.

    • Chris: (on closure between Mr. Big and Carrie in Sex and the City: The Movie) It's a continuation. I mean, I'm not sure anything needs to be resolved. They're a part of each other's lives, through all the twists and turns, and there's a lot of different twists and turns, but it's life I guess. He's a big part of her life.

    • Chris: I never talk about my private life. When you're in this business it becomes so precious. I don't understand when people open up about themselves to the press – it's so strange to me.

    • Chris: Since women ask me about male motives all the time, I can offer a bit of advice. If you feel like you're going to get hurt then you shouldn't be there in the first place. That's the way I look at relationships.

    • Chris: People are so phobic and crazed about this word commitment. It's weird. Everyone has taken this word to a new height of morality.

    • Chris: We want to find a quick and easy solution to love like they offer in Cosmo magazine. We want to solve our lives in an article titled 'How to Please Your Man and Keep Him Happy.' Please! Nothing is quick and easy in this life.

    • Chris: (on why he left "Law & Order") Law & Order is completely story-driven and completely characterless, really. If you do that format for five years and you're an actor, you're bound to get bored. It wears on you. And it was really wearing on me. But you need a job, and I felt awfully blessed to be in New York City and to be doing a show that was considered intelligent in the world of TV. But hey, five years is enough time.

    • Chris: I don't like NYPD Blue because it tries to pretend it's a New York show. You know it's shot in a Hollywood back-lot. It's so LA, so un-New York. They all try to talk New York. They all sound stupid. Law & Order is one hundred times more authentic.