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    Chris Noth is such an underrated comedic actor. He has also done quite a lot of dramatic work as well, but mostly on television. He has been in a ton of movies, though not always as the star, but in each picture, he delivers a great, almost off-beat performance. Of all his movies, my favorite was "Mr. 3000."
  • Chris Noth aka Detective Mike Logan and Mr. Big

    I first seen Chris Noth on Law and Order as Detective Mike Logan and from the beginning I have thought he was a great actor. When his contract with Law and Order was not renewed I felt they had made a very bad choice. It was 1998 before I was able to see Chris Noth portray Mr. Big on Sex and the City as Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend. He was so hot on that show also and really done justice to his role as Mr. Big.
    I was also pleased to see him in the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks and then later on in The Perfect Man with Heather Locklear and Hillary Duff. I have recently seen him reprise the role of Detective Mike Logan on Law and Order Criminal Intent and hope to see more of the very charming and handsome Chris Noth.
  • He´s one of the most hottest man in TV

    I´ve loved him since Jakarta! This was a great film about a big love between east and west and that shows who talented he is! He´s one of the best actors in die world and he´s intelligent enough to take only the good films and not only the commercials in Hollywood! I love him for Mr Big too. Itch to hitch? In Touch magazine has an early line on the plot of the yet-to-be-filmed "Sex and the City" movie, which will star original cast members Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker. The magazine quotes an insider as saying the movie, to be filmed in Manhat tan, will focus on Carrie's (Parker) wedding to Mr. Big (Chris Noth). The movie begins with Carrie living in California, Samantha (Cattrall) in Europe, Charlotte (Davis)in suburban Connecticut and Miranda in Brooklyn. They (sup posedly)reunite in Manhattan to help plan Carrie's wedding. I hope this will be true, because I can´t wait to see Mr Big again.

    Chris Noth is so good-looking and I think he´s like a great wine :-) The older he is, the better he will be! He´s over 50, but he has so much charisma. He´s so hot with his gorgeous green eyes and his dark brown hair, but he REALLY NEEDS someone to dress him! I've noticed his questionable taste in private clothing and I want to be the first to volunteer for the position as his "dresser" (or if I get real lucky, his "undresser").
  • My all time favorite star! TV or Movies, my favorite.

    OK, I think the Chris is not only a great actor and versable, but all around great guy. he doesn't ahve a big head like most stars to and he would excels at anything even big hollywood movies, even on stage and broadway his is loved. Maybe it is the fact he is more private and down to earth than most stars. He owns he is club in New York and deticates a lot of stage time there to upcoming bands. I have loved everyone of his charectors from the first time I saw him in the orginal Law and "Mr. Big" (Sex and the City)and stage acting. And yes the fact he is from Wisconsin just makes him more real instead of from L.A. or blah blah. Of course he is goregous and has the sexiest voice as well. But if you honestly watched him play any role you would apperciate what a great actor he is. And looking into those eyes doesn't hurt either!
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    Chris Noth comes across as a strong and forcefull character but yet he is tender deep down, and you can see it in his eyes. Chris shows alot of emotion in his eyes. I like to watch his facial expressions and his eyes. I think that the show should show more face shots of Chris to do his acting justice. He is extremely talented and if he is as gentle and kind as he acts ,he is the man of my dreams. I am 45, 5'5", 120lbs. waiting for the man of my dreams. Oh, I have a husband I have to get rid of. Chris you are the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Recent Noth

    Chris is one of the most talented and charming actors on tv and in film today. He has captured the heart of many viewers as Big on Sex and the City through his deceptions and appearance of being unattached, yet this is his talent because he is very attached to many roles. In Law and Order, the early years, he is witty and bold, the latter, sensative and intelligent. As he ages, he gains in handsome attributes and, though his voice gets deeper, when he whispers a line it still resonates across the screen. In the movie, \"The Perfect Man\" he plays just that, woman\'s ideal man, the one that is smart, good looking and romantic; he plays this role with enthusiasm. I hope that they make a sequel, \"The Perfect Children\".
  • good and bad man

    Chris is one of the most talanted actors that has hit our screens today. He plays each part he gets with conviction and talent. He makes you believe in each role he plays. You want to love him in the parts where he is the teddy bear actor and hate him when he plays a bad guy. He is not used enough in films where he can show his talent off more. He portrays characters that don't have lots of depths at times. He needs a great role where he can be seen as the actor he is
  • He's a versatile actor who can do drama to comedy and everything in between.

    Despite the negative publicity from some of his movies Chris Noth is one of the rare \"Real talent\" actors out today. His versatility is a credit to him. Mr. Noth holds his own on television, on the big screen and on the stage. Mr. Noth is not given the credit due him and what he rightly deserves.