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    Other than "School Ties," I cannot think of a single quality movie that Chris O'Donnell has done. I don't think the man is a bad actor, I just think that he choses his roles poorly. I mean, who would want to play Robin in a Batman sequel? He tried to pull off the leading man in a romantic comedy thing, but that didn't really get him anywhere.
  • Chris O'Donnell is gorgeous!! Like his acting and will continue to watch the show. Love to watch him and Hetty and hope this relationship continues to blossom. I really like Chris in Grey's Anatomy as well. loved his hair in it a bit longer then ncis.


    I watch this show because I think Chris O'Donnell is amazing. He is a great actor and is awesome to look at. Gorgeous! I am really enjoying the show and love the relationship with Callen and Hetty. Chris makes the show and I will continue watching. Want to see more of him and Hetty and would like to see his hair just a tiny bit longer. Love Love the show.

  • Good actor poorly used


    Chris O'Donnell is a very very good actor when he has the possibility to show his skill. I still remember how touching and excellent he was in "Scent of a woman", where he had to face nothing less than Al Pacino. He was really good in "The chamber", facing Gene Hackman that time, but even more in "Mad love", in a heart-breaking role. And in his short part in "Green fried tomatoes" he was stunning, leaving a bitter taste for losing him so soon. But this role is not his role or, at least, it's not the right role to show what he can do. He has a great sensitiveness I saw just in one episode (when he thought he found his sister) and never again. And the show as a whole has so little depth that it's impossible for any actor to show little more than how to draw a gun or how to run. It would be great to see him in something better than this less than mediocre series.