Chris O'Dowd

Chris O'Dowd


10/9/1979, Boyle, County Roscommon. Ireland.

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Christopher O'Dowd


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Chris who hails from Roscommon, Ireland; is set to become one of the nationals iconic symbols in the United Kingdom but not as a Casanova, but instead a geek thanks to the show The It Crowd. He recently won a B.A.F.T.A award, and he was given the part…more


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    • Chris: (about a job he would rather forget about) An advert for Pizza Hut. I had just one line, but I'd been on the piss the previous night and I needed 43 takes at it.

    • Chris: (about the film The Boat That Rocked) The ship we use in the film is a rescue ship and it had a morgue on the lower decks. Myself and Rhys Ifans were the first people on board and we decided to play a little joke on the girls. I decided to hide under a sheet in the morgue and hurl myself at them. Incredible that it worked, the man under a sheet joke is so twenties!

    • Chris: (on how he got his first acting gig) I'd started skipping classes at drama school and had been sent up to the principal's office. While I was waiting, a fax came through from a casting director looking for young Irish actors. I nicked the fax, called and ended up booking the job.

    • Chris: (about being at drama school with Katherine Parkinson) We were two of the worst students. Neither of us actually finished; both of us kind of got a mixture of thrown-out and left-of-our-own-volition.

    • Chris: (about being single) I've cast myself as a loser for quite a while now. I'm a bit perturbed by how easy that seems to come to me!

    • Chris: To research the role for FM, I watched Chris Moyles and Chris Evans at work, but for The Boat That Rocked I listened to hours of Radio Caroline sets on YouTube. Mainly Tony Blackburn, who was so funny.

    • Chris: I found out that my great grandfather, a travelling salesman with a wife and family in Cork, had another, illegitimate family in Birmingham. My dad thinks that from that family was spawned George O'Dowd, better known as Boy George. It's not a common name.

    • Chris: Why did I vomit? I couldn't face the bloody earth anymore! The North Sea is my home now!

  • Chris O\'Dowd is is a very charming, handsome, talented person. Anyone who\'s met him will know that he is nothing like his character Roy in \"The IT Crowd.\"

    I met Chris at the Brits. He signed a picture for me! He said to me, \" whats the gorgeous girls name?\" I nearly melted!

    He claims that he wont be doing any more comedy for a while, but after watching The IT Crowd, i think he shoud stick to comedy. HE SUITS IT!