Chris Olivero

Chris Olivero


10/15/1984, Stockton, California

Birth Name

Christopher Anthony Olivero


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Chris grew up in Stockton, California where he kept himself busy balancing his desire to participate in surfing, golf, basketball, and baseball, with his passion for theatre. Chris is currenly married to Alexandra Picatto. They got married on August 12, 2006.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Chris Olivero (born October 15, 1979 as Christopher Anthony Olive in Stockton, California) is a actor known for his guest roles on Boston Public, 24, CBS's CSI Miami, and his most recent role in the ABC Family channel program Kyle XY as Declan McDunaugh.moreless

    Chris Olivero plays Declan McDonough, Lori's boyfriend and Kyle's confidant. But being Kyle's secret-keeper comes with a price. It drives a wedge between him and Kyle, and nearly destroys his relationship with Lori. And when Nicole Trager's mysterious new patient catches Declan's eye, things can only get worse.

    Chris Olivero is a charming handsome guy he is going to be a great actor and is going to go far with his career. I have no doubt that you will see more of Chris and see how well of an actor he will become. His role in the hit show kyle xy is a great example of how good his acting is. Keep up the good work Chris!:]moreless
  • he is talented hot charming and sexy. He is played Galen on the disney channel movie double teamed.He also played Hunter in the disney channel movie now you see it.

    he is goning to be a great person and actor. He is going far with his career and i think he is going to keep going and be a fav. actor of some people.he is surprising me on how well he is doing.he did great as john on the shoe everyone loves or hates Boston Public. He also Played Kevin on some of the episodes of the hit show 24.I think his best work is going to be seen in this show that i love.he was born October 15 1984 in Stockton,California,USA.This makes him21 turnig 22 on the fifteenth of october.I think he will go farsince he is so young.moreless