Chris Patton

Chris Patton


3/15/1973, Houston, Texas

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Christopher Patton, Chris Patton (Eng.)
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Chris Patton is a stage and voice actor. He was born in Houston in 1973 and attended the University of Houston's School of Theatre. During his lengthy career, he has provided his voice for characters from shows such as RahXephon and Bubblegum Crisis 2040. In addition to voicing…more


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  • Chris Patton's the greatest!

    Chris Patton has been working on anime for some time now. He's been in Pretear, E's Otherwise, Princess Tutu, and my all time favorite, Gantz... plus more then that that I don't feel like naming right now... He is a great voice actor. I like him more for his not good guy roles like Joichiro Nishi and Fakir.

    He's also in an electronica band, PLID, which is really cool... They have two CDs out right now and are working on a third 'Shut Up, Look Pretty'...

    I just met Chris Patton and Monica Rial at AnimeNext 2007... It was awesome, though Chris isn't going to be going to any more conventions. He says that he is probably only going to go to minor conventions in the Houstin, Texas area...moreless
  • Chris Patton is lurve


    Although I'm a huge fan of subs over dubs, if Chris Patton is voice acting the character, I know I've got nothing to worry about. He plays all his characters so well and his voice is amazing.

    My favorite would have to be the way he voice acts Eutus from Abenobashi. He really got the emotion down. Wahh!~ He's just so cool. xD

    The way he plays Sasame in Pretear, too. Amazing.moreless