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  • Chris Potter is one of the greatest actors. I would love to meet him in person and get his autograph.

    Chris Potter is one of my favorite actors. I love his part in the The Good Witch's and The Good Witch's Garden. I can't wait until his next movie The Good Witch's Garden Wedding is out i need something new to see. I have watched these movies so many times i could act them out. I just can't stop watching them. I hope he keeps going with this series. I wish I could find a man like what Jake plays in these movies. I find that it is hard to find his movies out there. I would hope that he would keep making movies.
  • Chris Jay Potter is my favourite actor up to date. Love his character in QAF Season 1. I wish to see him more though.

    I love to watch him when he was on QAF Season 1. Nice, gentle, and loving person.

    I must admit he caught my eyes in that series, and my gosh, wish i can date him someday. Guess what, he played Gambit in X-Men, which is my favourite character out of all. Perhaps this is not appropriate, but I am quite disappointed to find out that he is straight, with family and 4 children. Life goes on and we dont get what we wish for sometimes. I will dig out his previous movies and enjoy my fantacies with such a lovely guy.
  • Seriously hot! This actor is SO underused! He definitely needs another series or better movie where he is not playing second fiddle to Vin Diesel or a chimpanzee (not sure which was which in that particular case!)!

    I can never understand why actors with talent like this are not used to their better advantage and for their fans! There are so many talentless and not hot actors on our screens that it makes you weep that an actor of this calibre is not in a major hit show or movie! It doesn't help that many of the TV films are not syndicated in the UK! Thank heavens for Amazon and downloads! I never got to see the Kung Fu series or Silk Stalkings (why hasn't series 6, 7 & 8 he was in been released on DVD? 1-5 have!!??)that are often raved about, but loved Wild Card and Queer as Folk - Dr David should have stayed!! And there definitely should have been a series 3 of Dan and Zoe or at least a proper finale! Sex Traffic was one of the best dramas I have ever seen - he suited and played the part so well.

    Enough already of the one-off appearances on TV shows and second rate movies, it is time to get serious and show how sexy this man is and allow him to finally be able to show all his talents - although maybe not as graphic as was the case in QAF ... well ... perhaps a raincheck on that one!?

    Definitely lots more please!!
  • Talented and Handsome

    I first saw Chris Potter back in 1993 as Detective
    Peter Caine, the cop son of the Kwai Chang Caine
    In the reamke of Kung Fu the Legend Continues! He can
    Not just only act but is very handsome and very funny!
    Also loved him in Silk Stalkings! The guy is very hot
    When he is wearing a tuxedo! Hope he will land a tv show asap!
  • Very talented, very handsome and has a great sense of humor. It doesn't hurt that he's lefthanded!

    He's very talented, very handsome and has a wonderful sense of humor. Tall, muscular and it doesn't hurt that he's lefthanded! He hasn't received the respect he deserves. I loved his show 'Silk Stalkings'. I never missed an episode. He and Janet Gunn were very good together! He needs another show, but he's falling into the 'Dennis Franz Sydrome' where he only plays cops. Come on Hollywood, this man needs a show!