Chris Powell

Chris Powell

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  • As seen on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss...
  • As seen on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss...
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    I have watched and your shows, and envied all the people who have been lucky enough to have been chosen for your show. I never begrudged anyone, I was so happy for them.. I had sent a video and was never chosen. I understand there have been so many so I wasn't expecting anything. Since then I have had Gastric Bypass Surgery... I lost weight fast as you could imagine... But there was no makeover in reality.. I have since gained back 80 of the 150 I had lost. Just because the weight went away doesn't mean anything really, you just become wrinkled and saggy.. and still remain frustrated and disgusted.. Maybe someday your show will help those of us that still need it even though it may seem like we don't. I would definitley volunteer myself for that as I am sure you could expect...moreless