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Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt Fan Reviews (2)

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  • hes basically awesome.

    Chris Pratt is an awesome actor. Because i live in Lake Stevens, i think that he is probably one of the best people we could have representing our little town. Proving to everyone that great things come out of small towns. He is a wonderful actor. He does a great job portraying his character on Everwood. I hope to (and cant wait!) see many new things come from him soon! I think that it is definatly an honor to know that such a great person with so many great accomplishments came from our school! I cant wait to see more.
  • What a person Bright has become!

    Bright has become such a good person over the 3 years that we have gotten 2 c him & i think that we owe a part of that 2 the excellent actor who portrays him. Chris is such a great actor & brings such charisma 2 the role. He turned a think headed jock into a sensitive and caring young man and I have all the more respect 4 the writes taking this turn w/ him.