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    • Chris: (on how much imporv is used in Parks and Recreation) I wouldn't say it's an improv show at all-we've got really great writers, and they turn out really funny scripts. The majority of the jokes you're laughing at are the result of this brilliant think tank of writers that we have. But because we're shooting in a digital format, and because we're shooting everything on a stage that's pretty well-lit, we have ample time to screw around with it. We can do 10 takes that are directly from the script, and still have time to do 10 takes that go off-book, and allow it to evolve into something new. That's how you'll get an occasional improv bit into the finished show, even though 90 percent of it comes straight from the script. When you're working with film, you can only shoot one angle at a time, and then everything has to stop, and you re-light it and shoot everything else from the opposite side, so it's really important that you stick exactly to what's written. But with the multi-camera digital setup, you're getting both sides of the scene at the same time, so it gives you that freedom to go off-book. That's how you end up with the occasional improv line, or a really good reaction shot that can make a scene work better.