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    • Chris: (On what's different about Parks and Recreation) I think all of it stems from the difference in the format of the show. We shoot 55 hours a week for what comes down to 21 minutes of airtime. It boils down to about a minute a page, and it can be strange to see the episode when it airs and realize how much of it got cut to make that limit. You have to learn to get in and out with your jokes; you can't spend a lot of time dancing around. Another thing is that I'm getting older, and I've maybe put on a few pounds, which is just something that happens, and when the first couple of episodes came out, I looked at them and thought "Oh, my God, Chris! Dude, hit the gym already!" And then I heard people laughing, and all of a sudden, I thought, this is kinda cool. It's not like being on a WB show where it's all "edgy," you know? It's almost like it's the first time I'm playing a man and not a boy.