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  • Chris is a great singer!

    Chris Richardson is best known as getting 5th place on American Idol Season 6. At first during his top 12 boys performance, I didn't like him, but then he got better. I'm glad he went far into the competition. His best performance was on the top 11 night. I really don't know why he was in the bottom 2 that night. He was awesome that night. I also really liked his performance of Wanted Dead or Alive. I like that song, and he did a great rendition of it. So overall, he is a great singer and I'm glad he got 5th place.
  • talented and hot!

    Chris Richardson audition for American Idol and made it up until the final 5. Phil was voted off too. I felt sad because we found out that Chris and Blake Lewis are like brothers. Everyone was crying! I wanted to cry too. He soooo talented! I think that he should get his own record deal! I love him! Now, I hope Blake wins. But this is about Chris. Chris is hot. I think he looks like Justin Timberlake... BUT BETTER! He also has more talent than JT. Why wouldn't you love him? The judges gave him a hard time sometimes, but overall, he was incredible!
  • Great!

    Chris is actually my favorite this season on idol. He is not necessarily the most talented but i really enjoy his singing and think he should last a few more weeks. I definetly do not see him in the top 3 but he is a great singer and i hope he will continue to succed. He was one of the best last week on the country show. I think he did his version of Mayberry better than Rascal Flatts could perform live. He really has never had a really bad week and I think that he can have a successful career after the show.
  • This guy rocks!

    Lets go Chris lets GO! Chris has such an awesome personality. You can tell he has a great time on stage while he sings. However, in my opinion he's not the best singer, but he has so much more musical talent. To me, thats a big plus if it came down to him and another popular contestant. You can tell he has a good chance of winning from the reaction of the crowd. I have a feeling he's going to make it Big in hollywood. I hope he doesn't get off because of some less talented lameo. I fell sorry that he has been in the bottom three twice already. Lets go Chris!
  • decent singer.

    hes in my 2nd place for the boys on american idol. the jt look kinda needs to change if he wins though... anyway, hes a good singer, although, i hear more music than singing. but hes good enough. i agree he was one of the best vocals among the boys, and will guaranteed make it to the top 10. hes going somewhere alright, but his singing accent limits his song choice. the e is a in his singing, but if you pick thye right song, it works! anyway, he shows great talent, and i voted for him a total of 5 times. 8.6 outta 10.