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  • Great comic.

    Funny. Great guy.
  • Funny guy.

    For the most part, I must say that Chris Rock is a funny guy. His jokes are usually somewhat fresh, his material is decent enough to laugh at, and his acting is good enough to be entertaining. I think I am more of Chris Rock as an actor, though. I've seen him in television shows and movies and I have to say he is entertaining enough to keep your interest. The thing that does bother me is his annoying voice. I can deal with it for a time, but when he get really loud, that's when it gets to be a problem. Overall, he's funny. Thank you.
  • He is hilarious, he carried the torch from Eddie, who got it from Richard, who took it from Cosby :) Some where along the way (b/w Cosby and Richard it got much dirtier) but still funny

    "If you ain't contemplated murder! You ain't been in love" Chris Rock is HILARIOUS he is funny and has great timing, the way he critics America. He doesn't leave a person, race, creed, action unturned and uncommented on. He uses racism brilliantly, I don't always believe it is best for the culture of America, but then I have to remember its "Entertainment" and not a self help book, he's not on a soap box telling us where we have to change and what we have to fix, hes there for a purpose to entertain and leave us feeling better than we were before he arrived and left!
  • LMAO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chris Rock is a very funny guy. His acting is funny as well as his jokes and comedy. Himself in Everybody Hates Chris is very funny. His narration through the show is hilarious. He makes very funny jokes and comments to go along with the episode.
    I love Chris Rock's jokes. He is a great comedian. He is one of the best ones. I laugfh at almost every joke he makes. He can really tell jokes.
    His voice as Ozzy in the series Ozzy and Drix is also funny. He does a great job in that show as well.
    Chris Rock also did a great job hosting the Oscars.
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    One of my favorite actors and I have to say it, He is the best comedian ever.I love his movies Head of State.Also his other movies are great.I think he has done a great job and I hope to see him in other movies as fast as posible.
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    Great, one of the best comedians in a lot time. I really like him in his movies, because he tries very hard and I must say that he never fails to dissapoint me, I especially enjoy his series, Everybody Hates Chris, which is one great series, I really like his sytle, and his actings are always good.
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    What more can be said about Chris Rock other than that he is one of the best stand-up comedians today. He is absolutely hilarious, but his humor may not be appealing to all.
  • The new king of black comedy, toss a sallad Chris!

    I have been a fan of Chris ever since I first saw a clip of his standup in 98 at a friends house. He is deserving of the #5 spot on "Comedy Centrals top 100 Stand Ups". Even though he dosent seem to be a fan of Bush [I like him] he is still funny and that is hard for me. Rock on Chris and toss a salad.