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Chris Sanders (III)

Chris Sanders (III)


3/12/1962, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Birth Name

Christopher Michael Sanders



Also Known As

Christopher Michael Sanders, Christopher Sanders, Christopher Michael Sanders, Stitch
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Chris Sanders was the production designer for the movie Lion King (1994).

    • Chris Sanders was in A Tale as Old as Time: The Making of Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' as himself.

    • Chris Sanders played a really minor role in the movie The Lion King 1½, at the end when Stitch appeared, he was the voice of Stitch.

    • Chris Sanders is the voice of Stitch in Lilo & Stitch (2002), Stitch! The Movie (2003), Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch (2005), and in the recent movie Leroy and Stick (2005), which in that movie he did the voice of both Stitch and Leroy.

    • Chris Sanders is the voice of Stitch in the Video Game Stitch Experiment 626 (2002).

    • Chris Sanders is not only the director and writer of the animated series and movies of Lilo and Stich but he also is the voice of Stitch in them.

    • Chris Sanders was the voice of Stitch in the Video Game Kingdom Hearts II (2005).

    • Chris Sanders was the voiced of Mulan's Little Brother in the movie Mulan which he was uncredited for.

    • Chris Sanders helped draw the characters for the show Muppet Babies (1984).

    • Chris Sanders nickname is based on his role, the voice of Stitch. Chris Sanders is often called Stitch.

    • Chris Sanders helped write the 1998 Disney animated hit Mulan (1998).

    • Chris Sanders fell in love with animation at the age of ten after seeing Ward Kimball animated shorts on The Wonderful World of Disney.

    • Chris Sanders was born and raised in Colorado.

    • After doing some minor work on The Rescuers Down Under (1990), Chris Sanders catapulted to the top of Disney animation through his work on Beauty and the Beast (1991) and The Lion King (1994).

    • Chris Sanders majored in character animation, and graduated in 1984, moving on to work at Marvel Comics.

    • Chris Sanders began drawing, and applied to CalArts after his grandmother told him about the animation program at the school.

  • Quotes

  • He's a legend

    I liked his movie of Lilo and Stich. That movie rocked!
  • Thanks to Chris Sanders he is one of my favorite.

    I read about him on some internet and I read that he fell in love with animation. In 2002 he designed a movie (Lilo and Stitch.) He does the voice of Stitch. I think the voice of Stitch is interesting. About a year later Stitch became one of my favorite and I watched most of the shows that has Stitch in them. And I also saw Chris Sanders is the Guest Star in one episode called Heartbeat. I like him.moreless