Chris Sheridan

Chris Sheridan


Connecticut, New England

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Chris is a writer and voice actor who works primarily on the show Family Guy. He attended Union College in New York, majoring in English. Following his graduation in 1989 he held several odd jobs until traveling to Hollywood to gain a role as a writer's assistant for…more


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    • Chris Sheridan (On the Emmy nomination he received for a song written for 'Family Guy'): It was a strange experience at the Emmys. My song was called, 'We Only Live to Kiss Your Ass'. I laughed out loud when the presenter had to list that song as one of the nominations alongside normal songs written by people like Marvin Hamlisch. I did not win, by the way.

    • Chris Sheridan (On being offered work as a writer for 'Family Guy'): I was devastated. I thought writing for a cartoon meant my career was over. But I had no other options. Once I met with Seth McFarlane and he explained what Family Guy was about, I thought it was going to be great.

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