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Charles Christopher Sligh was a finalist on the sixth season of American Idol. He was eliminated from the competition on March 28, 2007. He is a member of his own band, and is comedic and well as a singer. he auditioned on American Idol in Birmingham.


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    • Chris (on what he'd change about "American Idol"): I wish they would let songwriters sing their songs. I wish they'd let people play instruments. And the third thing is I wish that those who enjoy blogging would be able to blog about the experience. I mean, there are secret parts about the show that they don't want to get out, but I think it would be an interesting read. We work seven days a week, 10 to 15 hours a day. Not all of that is stuff that America doesn't need to know about.

    • Chris (about helping Sanjaya): I think people underestimate Sanjaya. He's 17 years old. When I was 17, I don't think I knew how to sing in a live situation. I have a lot of respect for him, and I do not envy his position at all.

    • Chris (if he referred to the founder of when he said, "Hi Dave."): I don't know if I should answer that question. (Laughs)

    • Chris (on if he thought his jokes worked against him): It's funny because I love the show, but at the same time there are some cheesy aspects I poked fun at. And there are people who love the show so much that anything you say bad about the show or Simon -- as I did, for instance -- they will literally write you hate mail. I had a blog and I would get hate mail for weeks after my comment to Simon. People said they hoped I would die because I told Simon I didn't sound like The Teletubbies. It kind of freaked me out. I hope that people would realize that me joking around about the show is very tongue-in-cheek.

    • Chris (on why he left Bob Jones University before graduating): I didn't leave Bob Jones through a choice of my own. I actually got kicked out for going to a Christian contemporary concert. It was a band called For Him. So they kicked me out. It was actually good because I had been figuring out how to leave. My parents had given me the option to go to two colleges, and I chose the less crazy one believe it or not. I was 18 and didn't have the money to pay for college, so I chose what I could. No disrespect to Bob Jones, but again, it's just not the sect of Christianity I want to be associated with.

    • Chris (on Bob Jones University criticizing his musical direction): I specifically kept my comments about Bob Jones to myself just for personal reasons. I don't want to throw them under the bus, and I respect what they do. It's just that their sect of Christianity is not what I want to be associated with.

    • Chris (on what he thought about the critics he got from the judges): All six songs were risks in one way or another, and I feel like that was ignored. And really, the judges never commented on my voice, and that was frustrating for me. At least say, "You have great vocals but I didn't like the arrangement." But it was never that.

    • Chris (on what he meant when he told Phil, "you owe me 50 bucks"): I knew that I was going home. I had this feeling in my heart that I was going home. Pretty much nobody gets away from being trashed like I was unscathed. I told Phil I was going home. And he was like, "No way! There's no way you're going home before me." So I bet him $50, and he took me up on it and I won.

    • Chris (on what he thought about being an early favorite, but lost momentum): You know what I think it was? I never came into this wanting to win it. I come from an indie/alternative rock kind of background. For me, I think winning would hurt what I was really going for. I think what solidified it in my mind was when I was universally trashed for my arrangement of 'Endless Love.' I kind of thought it wasn't the competition for me. Actually, I almost dropped out that week. I went to the guy from 19 [Entertainment] and said, "If I drop out, can I still go on tour?" And they were like, "No, you have to get voted out." So I was like, "Well, we'll see what happens." This week, I really thought it was a good song for my voice and I gave it my best.

    • Chris (if he thought he was going to have a problem with rhythm during rehearsals): I sang with Gwen on Saturday, and I had just picked that song out Friday afternoon after changing my song. I was originally going to do 'Give a Little Bit' covered by The Goo Goo Dolls. But I really wanted to challenge myself a little bit more. By the time I got to rehearsals on Monday, I had started to get the rhythm down a little bit. But I actually went back and listened to my performance about 10 or 15 times. It wasn't a great performance, but it wasn't as bad as the judges made it seem. As soon as they gave me the spanking that they did, I kind of knew I was going home.

    • Chris: At least, if you look at the songs I did, I took a lot of chances. That was the way I wanted to go out.

    • Chris:I didn't really start singing until I was in college. I had been in quartets, very low harmonies. I had never really thought of myself as a lead singer. I always thought of myself more as a songwriter than as a singer. My freshman year of college, I was walking down my hallway and someone heard me humming and they asked me to be in their group and I ended up being the lead singer.

    • Chris: My parents were missionaries my whole life. When I was 7, we went over to Germany and I was there until I was 17 and came back to Kansas City, Mo., and graduated from high school.

    • Chris: My goal is to be able to make music, whether it's producing or working at a record label, writing hit songs for other artists.

    • (hearding that his nickname from his fan base is called the Fro Patro)
      Chris: It's definitely an homage to Taylor Hicks' Soul Patrol. Taylor and I both have very distinctive hairstyles, mine happens to be a 'fro. Some of my friends said "You should call your fans the Fro Patro.

    • Chris: Let's be honest. A chubby white guy with a 'fro, who's 28 years old, is not going to have Bob Dylan's career.

    • Chris: In May 2005, I shaved my head. I thought, "I'm going to let it grow and see what happens." So, I haven't had a haircut since May 2005.

    • Chris: I want to be successful enough that I don't have to work a real job again. It's great to see a guy like Daughtry with so much success. The management and the record company have allowed him to do what he really wanted to do, and he's making music that he is passionate about.

    • (Trying out for American Idol)
      Chris: I actually wasn't going to try out this year. I had gone through a rough spot with the music and thought maybe music wasn't for me. And then some good stuff started to happen and I got into a new band. I had a friend who said, This is your last year to try out, since you are 28.

    • Chris: You know I'm more in the rock genre but I'm also classically trained. I've done a couple of operas at Bob Jones. I have done some Broadway stuff. I think that one of the things I bring to the competition is I can vocally do Broadway, country, just about anything. But rock is definitely more my style.

    • Chris: America wants to fall in love with a personality and a person. Last year, Taylor Hicks won because he's a loveable character. I would say Chris Daughtry is a better singer. But Taylor is great at being this person that people fall in love with.

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    ok, we have a sorta chubby singer from greenville, sc. can he win americanidol? &%$@ YEAH! this guy is very talented. good at singing, comedy, and attracting a crowd. i honestly believe he can win, and i guarantee he will make it to no less than the top 6. he sings really well, and even if he doesn't win, i think he can stike a deal, and maybe even be a comedian. im rooting for you and the other chris! anyway, he possesses talent, has no need for much potential, cause hes potent enough. keep going and win it all!moreless
  • I hope Chris wins American Idol!! I have been rootig for him ever since I saw him audition. He has a very unique singing voice. He is also hilarious, some of the things he says just cracks me up.moreless

    I hope that Chris Sligh wins American Idol! He is very unique and entertaining. Chris is hilarious, too. I have no idea where he comes up with some of these jokes. I predict that he will be able to connect well with the audience in the studio as well as the audience at home viewing. Chris has the X factor. All of my friends love him and want him to win. All of the judges seem to like him also, and that's a great thing to have Simon Cowell on your good side. There are some very talented cotestants on this show this season but as long as Chris keeps on doing what he's doing he will be fine. You can count on me voting for him every night! Chris should become the next American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless