Chris Trousdale

Chris Trousdale



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Christopher Ryan Trousdale


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Age:18 Hair Color:Brown Eye Color: Hazelnut Brown Brothers or Sisters: 1 brother Ronnie Favorite phrase or word: Whats up! Favorite clothing: Caffeine, Structure, Emporio Armani Hobbies: water sports, Rollerblading,Riding Favorite Subject: Science Favorite sport: Rollerblading Favorite musical group(s): 'NSync Favorite Food(s):Crab & Steak Favorite Candy: Anything sour Favorite…more


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  • he is so hot

    i love chris he is so hot and cute i love his voice it is so um beutiful my favorite song he does is it happens every time, sugar rush, and i say yeah! he is thed hottest guy in the group well him and jesse mccartney haaa i love em both if i had a chance to meet them i would most likely faint "ohhhh baby down on dreamstreet" i love that song and when jesse sings that part ohhhh i cant stand the fact they broke up i still dont understand why the did will someone please tell me i needs to know!!!!!!!moreless
  • My review on the hottie

    OMG, Chris is sooooo hot! I love his singing and acting! Man, I wish I could meet him. He is so awesome in my peronal opinion. He's got that gorgeous smile nad nice eyes. Wow, the first time I saw him, I thought I had died and went to heaven.