Chris Tucker





8/31/1972 , Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Birth Name




Christopher Tucker, also known as Chris Tucker, was born on August 31, 1972 in Atlanta Georgia. Chris was known as the motor mouth for his Cuban accent and continuous blabbering since he was a stand-up comedian for Def Comedy Jam in the year 1990. His first film appearance was in the third sequel of the film House Party for the role of Johnny Booze. Chris became famous the following year when he starred in two films; Friday and Dead Residents. In 1999, he made a contract with New Line Cinema for two films worth 45 million dollars, and in 2009 he co-starred with Jackie Chan and he boosted the rankings with the Rush Hour movies. Chris Tucker was also known as a close friend of the late King of pop Michael Jackson, after 2005, he stood as a witness in court for the Pop star's defense. Chris Tucker came back as a stand-up comic in 2011 due to financial difficulties when his property in Lake Apopka was foreclosed.