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  • Hilarious.

    Chris Tucker is really hilarious. I don't know if he has ever had an unfunny movie. I especially thought he was good in Friday and the Rush Hour trilogy. He has a knack for making people crack up. In Friday, he was just hilarious as Smokey. He fit very well with Ice Cube and they had some funny bits here and there. The other Friday movies were not as good without him in them. He was also hilarious as Jackie Chan's co-star in the Rush Hour movies. They made a great team and played well of one another. Overall, Chris Tucker is hilarious. Thank you.
  • No matter what role he plays, he is still always funny.

    Chris Tucker is a comedian who is most known for his starring role in the Rush Hour movies. He doesn't like to put himself out there in the media like Paris Hilton or people like that so he isn't in many movies. They should make a Rush Hour TV show with him and Jackie Chan. He has a girlish voice when we hear him sing. He hasn't had many other roles besides Rush Hour, but I can name a few other movies that he's been in: "Money Talks", "Friday" (there were three Friday movies but he was only in the first one), "The Fifth Element", and he was in a Michael Jackson video.
  • Chris Tucker is also my favorite actor and comedians. He`s hilarious.

    Chris Tucker is talented in acting. He starred in many movies. He haven`t been in a movie since Rush Hour 2. My favorite Chris Tucker movies are Friday, Money Talks, Rush Hour, and Rush Hour 2. I can`t wait until Rush Hour 3 comes out. It`s going to be funny. Chris Tucker needs to have his own show. It`ll be funny. I hope he do have his own show someday. I`m sure lots of people are gonna watch it.
  • Chris Tucker is my favorite actor/comedian.

    Chris Tucker is the funniest actor and funniest comedian out right now. He usually plays the main character's womanizing, big-mouthed sidekick and/or best friend in his work. I first saw him act in the hit comedy, Money Talks when I was about ten years old. It was my favorite movie at the time and Chris had been my favorite actor since then. I saw the previews for his next film, Rush Hour 3, also starring Jackie Chan and the movie looks good. When Rush Hour 3 comes out in theaters, I'll watch it and then I'll buy the DVD when it gets released.
  • Hilarious...

    I love this guy! He is so hilarious! Some of my favorite movies that he's in are: Rush Hour 1, Rush Hour 2, and (of course) The Fifth Element. I like his role in the Fifth Element the best. I think it was his funniest role because he was so scared and clueless. He would freak out about the stupidest things and scream like a little girl. I also liked him in Rush Hour 1 and 2 because of his attitude. He was hilarious! He kept stealing that money and hiding it in his jacket and trying to ask the evil girls out. I think he and Jackie Chan make a good team.
  • empty

    Chris Tucker is one of the straight up funniest comedic actors out there today. It all starts with his voice and his hilarious delivery. From the "Rush Hour" movies to "Friday" to "Money Talks," Chris Tucker has delivered in each film. In the "Rush Hour" films, I love his interaction with Jackie Chan.
  • Chris Tucker!

    Chris Tucker who happens to share my name is a funny actor, he is really hyper-active in some of his roles which make them funnier, He plays in Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2 with Jackie Chan, great movies. They are a great team together. If There is a Rush Hour 3 I'll will see it.
  • LOL!

    this guy really really cracks me up in rush hour 2 omfg just plain funny they really gotta pair him with jackie in more movies even thought chris inst in much moves this guy is one of my favs and always will be imo but i think hes gonna be in rush hour 3 so im gonna have to see this moive no matter what