Chris Wallace (IV)

Chris Wallace (IV)


10/12/1947, Chicago, Illinois

Birth Name

Christopher Wallace


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Chris Wallace has been a fixture in the media for over three decades. He got his beginnings with network tv with NBC in 1975 as a reporter with a New York affiliate station. He also operated as NBC's White House correspondent. In 1989, Chris left NBC for ABC.…more


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    • Chris: (on the topic of Don't Ask, Don't Tell) The army is not a sociological laboratory. The experimenting with army policy, especially in a time of war, would pose a danger to efficiency, discipline and morale and would result in ultimate defeat.

    • Chris: (on where FoxNews fits into the news media) I think we're the counterweight. I think we're the counterweight. I think that they have a liberal agenda and I think that we tell the other side of the story.

    • Chris: (to Michelle Bachmann during an interview) Are you a flake?

    • Chris: (about the troops that died in action) If you want to pay tribute to the troops, talk about what they fought and died for, not just that they died. It should be more than just a telephone directory.

    • Chris: (on his 2006 interview with Pres. Clinton) I thought it was a fair, balanced and not especially inflammatory question. I even said, 'I know hindsight is 20/20.' But he went off. And once he went off, there was no bringing him back. He wanted to talk about it in detail. He wanted to conjure up right-wingers and conservative hit jobs and a theory involving Rupert Murdoch that I still don't understand.

    • Chris Wallace: (on why he is a registered Democrat) The reason I'm a registered Democrat is that in Washington, D.C., there is really only one party. If you want a say in who's going to be the next mayor or councilman, you have to vote in the Democratic primary.

  • A very cautious journalist, and one of only three I like on Fox (besides Brit Hume and Megyn Kelley).

    To me, Chris Wallace has become a very credible journalist just like his old man, Mile Wallace. Most of you who have watched 60 Minutes on CBS may know about Mike Wallace who passed away last year. He was the journalist's journalist over at the Eye network, very tough, very fair. I can say the same thing about Chris Wallace.

    Unfortunately he works for a very far-right leaning television network, so people may think he's all in the same since he works for Rupert Murdoch. He's not. He's actually been a registered democrat for a long time, but he goes after people on both sides of the political spectrum just like his old man did on CBS. That's true journalism, being tough on everyone. And that's exactly what Mr. Wallace does. Brit Hume and Megyn Kelley are good too, but with Brit being replaced by the partisan hack Bret Baier, Chris is left as one of the last true journalists hosting a Fox News show. I totally recommend you to watch him on Sundays, he's great.moreless