Chris Warren, Jr.

Chris Warren, Jr.



Birth Name

Christopher Warren Jr.



Also Known As

L.C. Warren, Christopher Warren Jr.
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Chris Warren Jr. a.k.a. L.C. Warren was born on January 15, 1990. He is the son of actors Chris Warren and Brooke Kerr. He was in the mega hit TV movie High School Musical and has had recurring and guest starring roles on many shows.


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    • Chris: (about the High School Musical cast) Yeah, everybody was really close. We'd known each other for two years since the first one, so it was comfortable. It was a lot of fun and a really good time.

    • Chris: When I'm out in public, people think my mom is my little sister, so when she yells at me, it can be embarrassing.

    • Chris: (about his favorite scene in High School Musical 2) The "I Don't Dance" sequence, where we incorporate baseball and dancing. We get to play sports and it was really one of the most difficult dances. I think it'll be a really cool part of the movie.

    • Chris: (about Kenny Ortega) The thing I like most about Kenny is that he makes it more about collaboration. He doesn't tell you what to do. Instead, he asks you what for your ideas. You make up the character as you go along and decide different things together. I liked that openness. I think it's really great that he's open to new ideas.

    • Chris: Grease is my favorite musical movie. I was in the play in eighth grade and I played Danny, so it made me like the movie even more because I did it on stage.

    • Chris: (When asked did he throw any parties while he stayed in the country club during filming of High School Musical 2.) I had a couple of PlayStation 3 nights at my place. Zac and the guys would come over to play video games and watch DVDs.

    • Chris: (When asked did he get to play more basketball with Zac and the guys.) Actually, they focus more on golf and baseball. There's a dance number with a baseball theme. That was a fun day.

    • Chris: (Talking about what he did for fun with the High School Musical 2 cast.) We went to an extreme go-karts place down the street from the set. Zac and I were neck and neck. Vanessa was a pretty slow driver.

    • Chris: I sent Zac a text on April Fool's Day, and I said, "Dude, look on You Tube. There's this crazy video of you." He's freaking out and I was like, "April Fool's!" He was so mad.

    • Chris: I'm a breakfast pro. I love making egg whites, turkey bacon and all that. And I love making chocolate chip cookies. Mmm!

  • chris warren is one of my favorites!

    i am like chris warren jr. 's #1 fan i think he is so cute and he is such a talented actor just like his mother. i think they don't show him on telivision enough he is so talented chris warren was great on high school musical and he'll be great on any thing he is on.
  • Chris Warren jr. an original Harlom Globe trotter.

    Chris Warrenjr. there's not much I can say he's tall dark and talented. ALso he didn't play to much basketball in Highschool Musical but you can tell he would be good at it because he stands at 6,1. Chris had some good lines in Highschool musical and some good qualities he likes to cook creme' Brulia' who else does that no other man except for a Disney character of course, he caries the traits of his parents awsome height and the facial features of them both. I only knew who he was from the Resses puff comercial but that's it, but he's still cool.moreless