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    • Chris: It was a case where they had to pick their poison. I heard them argue about what to do against us. Allen and I have been playing well lately. They have been talking this the last year and a half. We're glad that we played well tonight.

    • Chris: It's a case of starting over. When you get a second chance, you just try to take advantage of it. We could be 10 games above where we are. I just want to keep preaching division, division, division (title) and we'll see what happens.

    • Chris: We stuck together and played together as a team, and when we do that we are very good.

    • Chris: I've never gone through anything like this before. I'm not a loser. You can never get used to losing. It changes your whole lifestyle.

    • Chris: We've been talking about this for a year-and-a-half, so we're glad that this is coming. We really like playing together, and we're getting it going. We're really just trying to lead this team to where we know we can be.

    • Chris: That shouldn't surprise anyone. That's why we need to make sure we keep getting him the ball. That's what he's capable of.

    • Chris: I don't think we've ever gone 19 straight field goals missed between 4:41 in the third and (1:05) in the fourth. Does the word 'aberration' (apply)? I can't see that happening again. It's sad that it happened tonight.

    • Chris: We really want to win the division. But that's really tough, the way it looks now. We just have to keep fighting and stay positive. Your outlook controls so much, so you have to stay positive.

    • Chris: When we talked about it [the last time], we talked about changing it. So, it's difficult to handle right now.

    • Chris: I think we confirmed our togetherness before and after the game. I don't see us unraveling.

    • Chris: We just can't get over that .500 hump. If we get up two, three, four games over .500, I really believe it'll snowball.

    • Chris: I really don't remember us playing this way ever before, and I don't expect it again.

    • Chris: I can't see that happening again. The turnovers killed us, too. That's really not us. It was really out of character offensively tonight (Monday). That, we know, won't stay the same.

    • Chris: They want those shots, they'll live an die by those shots, just like Kentucky in college. I played on a team like that before [in Sacramento], and it's very tough to stop a team like that.

    • Chris: I think every year you have about two losses you can live with; this is one of them. I am proud of everyone on this team. It's one game in the 'lost' column that doesn't matter if you learn from it.

    • Chris: I met people from every ethnicity imaginable, and I saw how they took pride in their history. It wasn't racial pride. They just held their traditions close.

    • Chris: We needed to beat a real good team. We were fortunate enough to do that.

    • Chris: It's easy to find a rhythm with him.

    • Chris: I believe there is a reason and purpose for everything in life and if this situation allowed me the privilege to have my life intersect with the lives of the children I worked with these past two summers, than it was worth every moment.