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    • List of Christa's Favorties

      Favorite food?: Tiramisu

      Favorite kind of pants: Jeans

      Favorite number: 11

      Favorite drink: Chai Tea Lattes, fresh squeezed orange juice, and fruit smoothies!

      Favorite sport: Baseball, basketball, and tennis

      Favorite sports to watch?: Baseball

      Favorite cartoon character: Barney Rubble from The Flintstones

      Favorite music: Classic Rock and songs with acoustic guitar and piano.

      Favorite thing to do on her time off: Listen to music, play guitar, hang out with her friends

      Favorite flower?: Lilies and Roses

      Favorite flavor popcorn?: Caramel

      Favorite locations?: Universal City Walk in LA, The beach, and New York City

      Scary or funny movies?: Funny
      Chocolate or Vanilla?: Both

      Skiing or snowboarding?: Skiing

      Summer or winter?: Summer

      Silver or Gold?: Silver

      Diamond or pearl?: Pearl

      Coffee or Sweet Tea?: Sweet Tea

      Dogs or Cats?: Dogs

    • Her favorite number is 11.

    • She is 5'4".

    • She has four older brothers named Derrick, Bryan, Steven and Tyler

    • Along with acting, Christa is also a musician and singer.

    • On October 3, 2006, Christa was featured on the cover of VARIETY Magazine.

    • On March 10th, 2007, Christa attended the Young Artist Awards, where she won the award for Best Performance in a TV Series by a Leading Young Actress. She won it for the role of Cake, in the CBS Saturday morning show Cake.

    • Her favorite animal is The Alpaca.

    • She has brown eyes.

    • On April 14th 2007, Christa attended the launch party for DIC's new KEWL Magazine!

  • Quotes

    • Christa: (when asked her about her good luck charm)
      i have a lucky penny from a very special person in my life...also two bracelets from people i love, and a pin from another amazing person.

    • Christa: (when asked about her favorite music)
      I love literally everything, but classic rock is my favorite. i also love singer/songwriter stuff with acoustic guitar and piano.

    • Christa: (on if she got to meet Jennifer Garner)
      We never worked together as we played the same character and couldn't be in a scene together, but I did meet her and she is absolutely incredible. She is so down to earth and so beautiful.

    • Christa: (on what it was like filming "13 Going on 30")
      That was pretty much the best few weeks of my life. It was so much fun and everyone on set was amazing. And the food was delicious!