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    • List of Christa's Favorties

      Favorite food?: Tiramisu

      Favorite kind of pants: Jeans

      Favorite number: 11

      Favorite drink: Chai Tea Lattes, fresh squeezed orange juice, and fruit smoothies!

      Favorite sport: Baseball, basketball, and tennis

      Favorite sports to watch?: Baseball

      Favorite cartoon character: Barney Rubble from The Flintstones

      Favorite music: Classic Rock and songs with acoustic guitar and piano.

      Favorite thing to do on her time off: Listen to music, play guitar, hang out with her friends

      Favorite flower?: Lilies and Roses

      Favorite flavor popcorn?: Caramel

      Favorite locations?: Universal City Walk in LA, The beach, and New York City

      Scary or funny movies?: Funny
      Chocolate or Vanilla?: Both

      Skiing or snowboarding?: Skiing

      Summer or winter?: Summer

      Silver or Gold?: Silver

      Diamond or pearl?: Pearl

      Coffee or Sweet Tea?: Sweet Tea

      Dogs or Cats?: Dogs