Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence


5/28/1964, Manhattan, New York

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Also Known As

Christa Miller, Christa Lawrence, Christa Marino
  • Christa Miller as Ellie on Cougar Town.
  • Christa Miller as Ellie on Cougar Town.
  • Christa Miller as Ellie on Cougar Town.
  • Christa Miller as Ellie on Cougar Town.
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Christa Miller was born in Manhattan, New York on May 28th 1964. Although her father wanted her to start a successful law career, she followed in her mother's foot steps as a model. At early ages she pursued a career they would see her through for her life.…more


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    • Christa: [On her husband at work] Generally at work, he does not like the first outfit I come out in, and he'll say "go change", which is so irritating because he doesn't care about clothes! And if I do a joke and I say it isn't funny he says "it's funny" because I'm such a bossy-boss at home.

    • Christa: [On husband Bill Lawrence] He's not the boss at home and that's why he likes me working with him; because he's the boss at work. I have to do what he says.

    • Christa: [about special treatment because of Scrubs at hospitals] Lots of chatting about the show, when your on drugs, chatting about the show.

    • Christa: Besides the heat and all those scary CGI birds, which were carriers of the virus in the movie,we had biohazard suits, so it was intense, The suits had cooling units inside with a breathing (apparatus) that you had to turn off when you talked.

    • Christa: At my school, you could do theater or sports; I chose sports.

    • Christa: Yesterday I saw Jennifer (Aniston, near the set of Friends) I had nine huge rollers in my hair, no makeup and a flannel shirt. She looked so-o-o cute, and I looked like a homeless person.

    • Christa: I felt so flattered to be on Maxim's first cover! My husband is still hoping I might walk around our house one day in an unbuttoned Indians shirt!

    • Christa: [On her must-have products] I try to stay low maintenance so I can't live without Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer, which I wear instead of base. I love Kiss Me mascara. It never comes off until you wash it off. I have it on all day.

    • Christa: [On what she teaches her children] Kindness, respect toward other people and their choices and lifestyles. I want to teach them to be inclusive, not exclusive, towards other people.

    • Christa: [On how she balances a family and a career] I have a great husband who really helps with the kids. On Saturday and Sunday, he lets me sleep in and he takes the kids. I am also very picky about which jobs I'll consider. This is not great for my career but it's great for my kids.

    • Christa: A modern mom is someone who can organize all the many, many elements of family life, career and marriage and have the stamina to keep it all going.

    • Christa: I love Sarah Chalke. I think she's so funny! You know, just, when she says 'frick!' and 'double frick!'

    • Christa [On how she is like the character of Kate O'Brien]: I was a tomboy too, a good athlete. I've played a lot of sports—basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball.

    • Christa: (On what sticks in her mind about the first season of Scrubs) That my hair - it looks way too dark - and it looks much better blonde. So that would be my main thing.

    • Christa: (On Scrubs' nomination for an Emmy in 2006) If we don't win, we're going to be bitter and angry and walk out in a big huff.

    • Christa: (On Charlotte and William being ready for the third child) They're kind of ready. They think it'll be fun. But I think once it comes home it won't be as fun as they thought.

    • Christa: (On being pregnant while filming Scrubs) They wrote it into the show because you can't hide it. Then you just look like moon-face weirdo on the show. So they wrote it in so I'm comfortable. But still, at some point you're too fat to be on TV.

    • Christa [On whether she grew up quickly living in Manhattan]: No, I got started late. I went to an all-girls Catholic school, and I didn't kiss a boy until I was in 10th grade.

    • Christa: I have faith that God knows what's best for me, and that if you show up and do the best you can, that's all you can do.

    • Christa: I have a Shetland sheepdog that I adopted, but I'm an all-animal person. We had a chimp on the show, and she was like a little person, like a two-year-old. But the trainer wouldn't let me play with her because if she likes you she won't do the scene.

    • Christa: (On whether she is domestic) A little bit. I make amazing chocolate-chip cookies, a really great tuna salad sandwich, and Rice Krispies Treats. I'm addicted to Rice Krispies Treats. I'm currently looking into a Rice Krispies Treats 12-step program.

    • Christa: I love shopping. I wear skirts and dresses, because I really think guys like girls in skirts. And I always wear nice underwear.

    • Christa: (On whether she always knew that she wanted to act) Sort of. When I was 15, Eileen Ford told me I should think about modeling, and I thought it was the coolest thing. But my mom never wanted me to model. I always loved acting, even though there's a part of it that makes me very nervous. I get very excited before I go on. I pace backstage.

    • Christa: (On the character of Kate O'Brien) She was one of the guys and friends with all these guys and sarcastic and always getting in trouble for being mean. Not so much mean as putting her foot in her mouth and saying the wrong thing and yelling at people. So that was fun to do!

    • Christa: (On getting her Seinfeld tape to ABC) I ran over to ABC, and I was just so strung out, and handed it like broadcast news, just like "Here's the tape," and then Bruce Helford called me up and said "You've got it."

    • Christa: (On her network test for ABC) I'd just done and episode of Seinfeld and when I went to do the network test at ABC, I think they were nervous that I was a little too green. So I thought, "Let me see if I can get this Seinfeld tape.

    • Christa: I went from the first audition to three more rehersals to the network test in the same outfit, which was brown boots, brown corderoys and a pink t-shirt. Actors get superstitious about, um, you go in for a meeting and if they call you back, you feel like part of it's the outfit. The prodcers must've been really tired of seeing that outfit. I just found that outfit and stuck with it.

    • Christa: Bruce Helford, the producer, was always on set and always talked to the actors. He was really, really good with actors and really helped with jokes. Even on show night, you know, if you weren't getting it, Bruce could clearly communicate how to do it, which a lot of people don't.

    • Christa: (On Drew Carey) He was appealing and he was a friend. We had a nice relationship. I always felt that Drew and I had chemistry. He was always sweet with me.

    • Christa: When you're doing a pilot it's very nerve-wracking and everyone is trying to, you know, they want it to be picked up.

    • Christa: (On the first season of The Drew Carey Show) It was fun doing that show and the first year was exciting and new.

    • Christa: (On her decision to call Bill when she broke up with her boyfriend in 1998) I was thinking, 'Should I call him, should I not call him?' Finally, I called and left a message, and when I didn't hear back from him, I thought, 'Oh, it's too late.'

    • Christa: I like a guy to look like a guy - jeans and a t-shirt, worn-out stuff, no jewelry.

    • Christa: (About to dub her lines for Scrubs) I'm in an ADR, which mean that when we did it the first time, either I didn't say it loud enough, but I'm sure it wasn't me. It was them.

    • Christa: (On whether she would dread having Dick Clark show her Wonder Bread commercial) I was only six months old when I did that, so I don't think I'd mind seeing that. I probably will dread the day Dick decides to show the first commercial I got after an audition. I was about seventeen, 1 guess. It was a Polaroid commercial. I had to sit and make all these different expressions as I looked at like five thousand Polaroid pictures. I thought I was going to die because you do run out of expressions in about six seconds, especially when you're seventeen and it's your first real commercial. That's the one that will make me die of mortification.

    • Christa: I have a couple of hidden talents (laughs). I can throw a great spiral with a football and I can also get ready to go out very, very fast. I can shower, get ready and go out with makeup in a half-hour and look fine. How's THAT for a hidden talent?!

    • Christa: (On whether she thought The Drew Carey Show would be a hit) To be honest, I thought it would be a hit. During pilot season you can read something like 50 scripts. When I read the Drew Carey script, it was near the end of pilot season and it definitely was one of the best ones I read. I knew for sure after meeting Drew that we had a hit on our hands. He's such a good guy, so likable and funny. We have a lot of fun doing the show and I think people can see that. I can't tell you how pleased I am to be in an environment that's so special.

    • Christa: Keep in mind that my husband writes Jordan's lines. Every time I say something stupid, he puts it in the script.

    • Christa: (On how pregnancy is different the second time) Time seems to pass faster because you're not poring over What to Expect When You're Expecting. I know what to expect, so things aren't so … tragic. With Charlotte, I couldn't ever sleep. And I had to pee every hour. With this baby, I can't breathe. It feels like this baby is sitting high up.

  • The actress behind Jordan Sullivan and Kate O'Brien.

    I just recently discovered the work of Christa Miller when I saw an episode of "The Drew Carey Show" for the first time since I was eight. I was like "hey, she's cool." Then my mom told me that she was the same actress that played Jordan on "Scrubs." Frankly, despite the fact that I have watched "Scrubs" for years, I hadn't realized that it was her. I have now become seriously addicted to both "Scrubs" and "The Drew Carey Show" because of her amazing talent. Christa is such a talented and funny actress. Jordan must be one of the best ever characters on television. She's hilarious. Whomever said that sarcasm was the lowest form of humor should watch this show, because I think it is brilliant. Kate wasn't as sarcastic, but she was definately more like one of the guys. She was great. I hope that Ms Miller continues to act for a long time because she's great!moreless
  • Jordan Sullivan Scrubs

    After seeing her as Kate on The Drew Carey Show I actually did want to see more of her, though I wasn't ever a big fan of The Drew Carey Show. So you imagine how psyched I was to see her land a role on the quirky off beat NBC comedy Scrubs and when they bumped her occasional appearance up to a real sold recurring role I was even happier. She plays this totally scary and crazy lady, Jordan Sullivan. And the character is so different then the little sweet 'one of the guys' Kate that she is best known for. I really love her as this character though and I think she fits with the role and the series amazingly well.moreless