Christel Khalil

Christel Khalil


11/30/1987, Los Angeles, California

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Christel Khalil


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Christel Khalil joined the cast of "The Young and the Restless" as Lily Winters in July 2002. Christel was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her feature film credits include supporting roles in "Matilda," and "Dragon Fury." She also completed a starring role in the feature film…more


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  • Lily was my favourite actor, who played a teenager who falls in love with daniel. Lily u rock and u are the best actor ever.

    My name is Melinda and i am 15 years old. Not much teenagers watch soapoprahs but i was in the living room everytime my mom was watching young and the restless. I fell in love with the show right away. I started watching it when Cassy was little and at the time living with her grandma. The only parts i liked where the ones about the kids like when they should cassy, abby and lily. As i grew up i still watch the show everyday adn i cant miss an eposide. Cassy was my favourite actor but then she died in the show, and i hated that so i became attached to lily and then u replaced her with a different lily. I was mad,my 2 favourite actors through out the show were gone. Even tho theres another lily(who looks nothing like the old lily)I miss Christle, and i want her to come back on the show. Keep acting what ever your doing now, becuz u r a great actor and i miss u so much.

    ps. why did lily leave the show, please write to me why my email is

    Love ur number one fan Melindamoreless
  • Christel Khalil plays on one of the most popular soap operas on cbs, she plays on the soap Young and the Restless as Lily Winters, a teen who falls in love with Daniel Romelotti.moreless

    Christel Khalil is a very great actress on her role on the soap opera Young and the Restless, she where is is in love with a somehow troubled teen Daniel Romelotti. She is a great teen actress she plays her role so well on y&r, and I believe that their will be great opportunities for this great actress.