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  • The Man Of Tomorrow

    No matter what you gave to this man he can do it Christian Bale is an excelent actor and his appearence was on TV in the movie "Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna" playing Alexei but i know him from "Empire Of The Sun" at the age of 13
    Then i saw him on Velvet Goldmine, A Midsummer Night's Dream, American Psycho!, Reign Of Fire, Equilibrium!, The Maquinist!, and then i love him because he rescue a dying franchise... he resuce Batman!!!
    Now he goes for more to save Terminator and no matter what movie if Chris is in the movie would be awsome actors like him we need here in Argentina because we really leak on that excelent
    Chris i kneel down before you and y clap on my feet 10/10 :):)

    P.S: The only thing this guy needs is his own "Talk Show" on Tv then his done