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  • "Holy way to hit the nail on the head, Batman!"

    The one, true Batman, finally!
    I love the edge he brings to the caped crusader, and the intense, just-below-the-surface element he gives "Bruce Wayne" as well. The paradox that is the man-hero was never more perfectly woven as with Bale's (and Christopher Nolan's, of course!)interpretation.
    I am busily trying to catch up on other, more recent roles but I did love him in "Little Women" and then something/someone as completely different as his role in "The Prestige".
    I think his diverse performance abilities are incredible and I know we will be seeing much more of him in the future. The deep, dark "stuff" is a given, but I'd like to see him in some lighter fare as well. I think he's got the chops and it takes lots of chops to do comedy well!